Handy Websites

Here are some great blogs/websites to help you teach and learn ESL:

If you have a blog you use for ESL learning or teaching let me know and I'll link it to this page!

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Fantastic for reading = love these websites especially :

Other Awesome Sites:

Great Youtube Channels:
Cool Craft Idea Blogs:
Korean to English Help:

  • Life In Korea.com - has a bunch of useful vocabulary lists if you need them for class or yourself!
  • Korean For Beginners  This has a preview of many pages (free) in Google books, buying the book might be helpful too. I go right to page 146 when I need English and Korean grammar translations. Helps a lot!
Online ESL Textbooks in PDF format! 
These are amazing - click while they're still up:

Amazing Collection of Materials and Lesson Ideas: ( I use these often):

Preschool (Grade 1 and 2) friendly sites:

Handy Textbooks To Read Online (free via Google Books Preview)


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