Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Teaching In Paradise

Currently, living in paradise. 

Hi all! As some of you may know, I have left Korea. That chapter is well over and after a month of traveling South East Asia with the hubby, I am settled in paradise - also known as The Cook Islands.

Today was my first day teaching at my new school, Papaaroa Seven Day Adventist School. I will be teaching English for year 9 and 10 (secondary) and visual arts, year 7 and 8. It's really exciting as this will be an excellent experience for my future endeavor of teaching secondary in New Zealand. I am no longer an ESL teacher, and I am thrilled! I love the English language and finally, I am going to be teaching English literature.

So, I thought I'd share some resources. I did my classic and ESL appropriate ice breaker - the stick figure introduction. I have done this activity for ESL at all levels and now with native English speakers it was once again, a hit!

I made it using a Powerpoint today, to make it more interesting than just drawing on the board. I played with the shape/line drawing tool and animations to make it seem as if the stick figure was being drawn on screen. Then I used some images and word art to place my '4 facts about myself' at each limb. The students were asked to guess what each image or words mean - in relation to myself. It's a great way to introduce yourself and after the activity, get them to create their own stick figures and share with the class. Here's my PPT preview:

The items at each limb pop up when I click the screen. So, when Kiwi/ Canadian popped up I asked the students, what does that mean? Where am I from? and that was easy to guess. The next, a globe with the number 7 was a little harder to guess but created some great guesses. They guessed "You traveled the world for 7 years." , "You have been to 7 countries." , "You have been traveling for 7 months." - I like their creativity, and you can see why this can be great for a speaking activity in ESL too. Finally, someone guessed correctly "You have lived in 7 countries." Next, because they know my mother (she was their teacher last term) they guessed correctly, "Your mother is Kim." and the last image was easy too, "You are married." And I talked a bit about my equally well traveled hubby.

Next, I told them to draw their own stick figures with 4 facts about themselves that can be represented in words or images. And next class we will discuss.

Following that introduction, we got stuck into a game show style PPT - thank you, Korea for letting me learn all these PPT tricks!  I got the James Bond game template off Waygook and made questions about the short story we are studying "On The Sidewalk Bleeding" by Evan Hunter. Great story for English literature studies, good themes about identity, choices, life and death, love and more. I wanted to do a quiz game because it was my first class, so I wanted to keep it light and fun. But also, so that I can see how well they know the short story. I had a range of questions that quizzed their knowledge of the plot, key quotes, characters as well as some of the more difficult vocabulary that is in the text. They understood a lot but it was still was challenging. Very happy with my first lesson.
Download the PPT here.

Our goal for the rest of this term and a little of next, is to create a static image, also known as "visual text". This is an assessment that is taught in the NCEA curriculum, so great to start now in year 10 to get them used to it. We will do the visual text with On The Sidewalk Bleeding as their influence.

Happy Teaching!


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