Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Day 3, Reading Camp ~ Memory Challenge (Final Day)

Since this was only a 3 day camp I decided to make the last day as chill as possible and with a lot of English involved. Memory Challenge - an excellent way to wrap up, loosely tie in the texts we read: Hansel and Gretel , The Three Bears and there's a lot of English being used during the game.

Now this is in no way my original idea. I got the template from a Waygook post a while ago, kept it for an appropriate occasion and swapped out the videos, changed the questions and answers to match my camp. I also altered the word document that is used as the answer sheet for the kids, adding more question numbers as needed. Thank you so much to the original poster for the fabulous idea and template - I believe it was user James89.

The game is simple. The kids watch a short clip and then there are a few questions to test their memory after each video. I chose clips that were Hansel and Gretel or The Three Bears in theme so that it tied in with my camp but the questions are random and fun. They simply watch, note down their answers on the answer sheet and then a new video, repeat until we finish and then there's an Answer section to check who got the most correct. I gave a "super duper genius" to the students who could get 23 correct and higher. They swap with their friend to check their answers and avoid cheating.

It was used for both grade level classes and was a success for both also. I managed to stretch it over two 40 min lessons, a 10 minute break in between. For one class, since we finished early we played Fruit Salad again and I quizzed their spelling.

All and all, this was a great and easy way to finish camp. You could do maybe half of the activity if you wanted and add in other games if you'd like or if you have more time.

Here's the preview slides - why don't you try and watch the video, then answer the questions yourself?!

WATCH Video: Angry Birds - "Piggylocks and the Three Birds" (3 mins long)

Questions to answer: (Slide preview)

Do you think you got it all correct?

Check your answers: (Slide Preview)

Hope this helps!

Happy Teaching!