Monday, 18 July 2016

"Do You Have A Pencil?" - easy speaking lesson :)

My grade 3 class are pretty low level and there's only 3 of them! So I played this speaking game to practice the sentences: "Do you have a pencil/an eraser/a pen....?" , "Yes, I do." and "No, I don't."

First we reviewed the vocabulary - pencil, pen eraser , ruler, book, etc and then I printed out these cards - I got them from a PPT I found on Waygook, I can't recall who made it, sorry!

Next, I printed at least one sheet of cards per student, cut them up and then mixed them all up and put them picture down on the table so you cannot see what they are.

Demo the game, how to play: 
  1. You, the teacher, go over to the desk with all the cards. 
  2. Pick up a card and don't let the students see what it is. It's a secret - they are trying to guess what you have.
  3. Tell them to say the question "Do you have a _____?" and ask them to guess what card you have in your hands.
  4. If they guess what's on your card correctly, answer with "Yes, I do."
  5. If they don't guess correctly answer with "No, I don't."
  6. Do this demonstration with the kids (playing the game with them) as long as you can to see them understanding. They're going to pick up the rules fast. 
  7. If the student guesses correctly, it's their turn to come up and choose a card and the class guess what they have. 
  8. Enforce that they use the key phrases of "Do you have a/an _____?" and the answers "Yes, I do" and "No, I don't." 
  9. Write the phrases on the board if necessary however, I always rub out the sentences after a while so they can learn them off by heart. 
  10. The most cards guessed correctly wins, although in the end I didn't need to count points, they had fun enough just taking turns and getting their guesses right!

We played this for over 15 minutes and it was a great activity - they left the lesson understanding and memorizing the new vocabulary and phrases. And best of all, we're only up to part two of the lesson in the textbook! I projected the cards on the screen to help them with the vocabulary too. 

A great speaking game that lead to great success. I think you could do this 'telepathy' style game with other topics too. E.g. Grade 5 "Help Yourself" lesson, about food. You could change the cards to food items and the dialogue "Do you like _____?" OR the grade 5 lesson "May I use the computer?" can be an obvious practice of question and answer - May I eat the cookie? - if the card is correct "Yes, you may." if not correct "No, you may not."

Hope this super simple speaking game can be used in your classes. If you have a large class you could do it in groups!

Happy Teaching!