Saturday, 23 July 2016

Day 2, Reading Camp 2016 ~ Hansel and Gretel

Hi there, this year I am running a simple but fun reading camp. We only have 3 days so I'm doing 2 stories : The Three Bears and Hansel and Gretel. On the third day we're having a memory challenge game and review - oh and more fun! Here's day 2:

Day 2 - Hansel and Gretel

We all know the classic tale, right? In hindsight I think I should have changed the title to 'The Candy House' as Hansel and Gretel are difficult names. But oh well, I wrote two scripts again. One for grade 3 & 4 and the other for grade 5 &6. Once again I used their textbooks to help me write so that the language and phrases were similar to what they already knew. Only a few new words to practice.

Once again, I made my scripts with blanks so that the students can write while they read for the first time. Here's a preview of the script/PPT I made to match:

To start however, before the reading we will be playing a Ninja Reading PowerPoint game to help review and practice the vocab. The original template came from Waygook and I love it. 
It works similar to other telepathy games, where the students in teams choose their sentence to form or read and then you click the 'release the ninjas' button and the ninja cartoons come out and "kill" the sentences. Whichever sentence is left, unscathed is the team who wins a point. 
My students love it. They love the sound effects and ninja's jumping on screen. It's a great way to review the vocabulary. 

Here's a snapshot , in this slide they have to make the sentence "It's a house... or "It's magic..." etc. The ninja's over the boxes and images are 'out' and so the teams who chose to make the sentence about magic and the witch would be the teams to earn points.

Vocabulary reviewed in this slide: witch, candy, house, water, magic.

Another activity we are doing which I am very excited about is my Pokemon Scavenger hunt! With the craze of Pokemon Go lately, I thought it would be a cool game to implement in my camp. I used a template from Waygook that was once a Pokemon themed 'pass the ball' game and I instead changed it to a brief instruction PPT to explain the scavenger hunt activity - and also gets them excited as this template is filled with loads of animations, music and pictures! Thanks to the original poster! 

Basically, if you didn't already get it from the picture above... the class is split into 4 teams. 
Next, they are given a team color. 
Then, they are told to go and find their 5 Pokemon cards hidden around the class. 
They must only find cards from their team color. 
So, there are 4 sets of Pokemon cards hidden around the classroom. 
Once they find all 5 cards they have to arrange them correctly to make a sentence. 
The sentences are also within the Hansel and Gretel script, so they can check their script also. 
The sentences are different for each team, so no point taking the other team's cards. I think this will be a fun treasure hunt style activity. I hid the cards under keyboards, under books, stuck under desks and in the CD insert space of the class radios. It's going to be fun to see them hunt around.  The first team to get their sentence is the winner, I'll also give awards to the 2nd team.
I made a set of cards for both levels (grade 3 & 4 and grade 5 & 6).

I'll also play 'fruit salad' to practice spelling... if you don't know the game already you can go here to learn about it!

Oh, and we made candy houses! We bought a whole bunch of cookies and candy , chocolate sauce, jam and syrup and let the kids run wild!

Happy Teaching!


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