Friday, 22 July 2016

Day 1 , Reading Camp 2016 ~ The Three Bears

Greetings teachers! This year I have a short 3 day camp which I will repeat again after the holidays with my second school. They asked me to focus on reading yet again so I chose 2 classic tales and made them relevant to the level of the kids and changed them up a bit to suit the foods we are making. This is day one, day two will be uploaded shortly.

Day 1 - The Three Bears! 

You know, the one with greedy Goldilocks  - but in my version I have Bora and Jinu. And instead of porridge, we have sandwiches because we make sandwiches as the last activity of the day.

Firstly, I wrote some scripts. I made a version of each script with blanks also, so that while we read along with the PowerPoint, they can also write some words down. I also created a PowerPoint  to match the script. It's animated and fun.

Why two scripts? Well, I had two classes to teach. The first class was made up of grade 3 and 4. The second, grade 5 and 6. So, I needed two different level scripts. I went through the grade 3 textbook to help me write the grade 3 and 4 script and used the grade 5 book for the class of grade 5 and 6. So, it's essentially a story of the three bears filled with revision from what they've been learning this past semester.

Script preview - via PowerPoint. This is grade 3 and 4:

Now, before the reading we played a snakes and ladders game as a warm up to practice the new vocabulary. It was a hit and great ice-breaker. I used my big dice, separated them into two teams and gave candy to the winning team. I got the template from Waygook and changed it accordingly. Thanks to the Original Poster!

Once again, I made a snake and ladder PPT for both levels. 

After the break we played a 'Fishing For Vocab' game. This was the best activity of the day! They loved it. I made my fish with vocabulary from the story written on each fish.

 I printed out two sets of fish. Next, I stuck them on colored paper and also used a hot glue gun to attach the magnets. Then, using some chopsticks and string I made 'fishing rods' with magnet ends instead of hooks.

How to Play:

  • I separated the class into two teams
  • I put the 'fish pond' at one end of the class and made the teams line up at the other end of the class. 
  • I would call out a word, the first team players (at the front of the line) would grab their 'fishing rod' and run to the 'fish pond' and try to fish for the vocabulary I had said. 
  • Then, they would have to run back to their team and put the fish inside the box there.
  • The first to successfully get the fish into the box would earn their team a point. 
  • A bit like a relay, the next team player in line would go next and I would call a new word from the pond each time. It was a hit!

They absolutely loved it and it was a way to practice the new words they learnt from the story. I really want to try this again with other classes in the future to practice new vocabulary. Such a hit!

After that, we made sandwiches. Simple ham, cheese, mayo and lettuce. I didn't make any resources for that. Pretty sure you can imagine that one on your own! haha. 

Happy Teaching! 


  1. Great idea. Cheers for the share :)