Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Treasure Reading Game !

I made this simple PPT that was inspired by a textbook game that I thought worked really well in class. It's was used for the Help Yourself lesson , here's a textbook picture:

So, I wanted to apply the same sort of game style but be able to edit it easily, play it as an entire class or in pairs (as an option) and be able to change it to other lessons so we can use it for many topics and more.

How to play:
Separate class into 2 teams.
Tell them the winner is the team who can get all 5 treasures first.
You can use a marker to mark the treasures on the projected white board or tally points on the side,1 point for each treasure. 
The team sends a rep to roll a dice. They read the sentence corresponding to the roll. If they land on 5 they miss their turn and the next team goes.
After reading their ‘May I’ sentence they then roll again, same student, or a new one from same team is fine. 
If they get a ‘yes, you may’, they win a treasure. If ‘no, you may not’, it’s the next teams turn. 
Feel free to edit to other lesson phrases, etc. 
There’s a black and white to print out if you want them to play in pairs. You can edit it accordingly . 

So here's the slide previews:

Happy Teaching!


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