Thursday, 23 June 2016

Making Sentences with Stick-men

Hey there,
This is a really simple game that you can play with big or small classes.

Edit and print the sheet below. 1 per student.
Tell the students to draw 10 stick-men (or "jolamen" in Korean) , randomly in the boxes of the table given.
You should also tell them to keep it a secret from their friends. 
It's easy, you choose 2 students at random and ask them to each read one sentence or make a sentence from either the top row or first left column on the left. Example:

Teacher picks 2 students:
Teacher: "Minho and SeoYeon, please stand up."
"Minho , ask the question 'Where is my _____?' , any box."
Minho: Where is my coat?
Teacher: "Ok, SeoYeon, you're next, pick a box from the top row"
SeoYeon: "It's under the table
Teacher: "Ok, now class - is your stick man there?! Circle your stick man! "

The aim of the game is to see how many stick-men you can 'save'. The winner has the most stick-men circled.
So, what I did, to limit the amount of times to make the sentences - in a small class we only did 15 turns/chances to get the stick-men. In a large class, I had every student have a chance to speak (20 kids).

Download here.

A great thing about this game is that the students are making sentences but also you can do this with almost any level and topic!

Here's another game made for grade 5 "Whose cap is this?" lesson.

Hope this helps you out!
Happy Teaching!