Wednesday, 29 June 2016

In, On , Under ! ~ Review Test PPT

I am teaching the lesson "Where is my bag?" for grade 4 that's all about - In , On and Under as well as some new nouns - bag, doll, box, book, watch and more.

A good song to play as a warm up:

So, I wanted to get them to do a review test as they are being tested soon so I thought it would be good to practice and also to get them to take studying a little more seriously - like doing their homework hehe. It's all in good fun though and I gave candy to everyone after.

I designed this multiple choice test using PPT. It has questions with a,b or c answers as well as some spelling thrown in. I also read aloud the word being tested to practice listening and reading.

Slide Preview:

I do similar reviews with my other grades from time to time, especially near the end of a lesson as it's a good way to review and finish a topic.

Happy Teaching!


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