Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Help Yourself - Talk Together PPT

Hi there, this is a super simple PowerPoint that I used in a recent class of "Help Yourself" from the grade 5 textbook. It's nothing special, not a game but it's a good PowerPoint to review and practice the key vocabulary and phrases of the lesson.

Key phrases in Korean with Korean pronunciation help:

1) I like fruit punch.
     나는 후르츠 펀치를 좋아해. / 아이 라이크 프룻 펀치.
2) Please go ahead. Help yourself!
     먹어 봐. 마음껏 먹으렴! / 플리스 고 어헤드. 헬프 유얼셀프!
3) Do you want some more?
     더 먹을래? / 두 유 원트 썸 몰?
4) Yes, please. / No, thanks.
     응. (예스, 플리즈.) / 아니. (노, 땡스.)
5) It has bananas and jam.
     여기엔 바나나와 잼이 들어있어. / 잇 해즈 바나나스 앤 잼.

I made it for an open class to spice up the lesson as the textbook listen and repeat section was really boring. Hope it helps! And you could always change around the dialogue for other similar lessons and/or use the template for other lessons if you'd like. 

There is a conversation for each of the foods they are learning in the book except for Fruit Punch... (I forgot!) Foods: apple pie, beef curry, Korean cookies, rice cakes, fruit salad and vegetable pizza.


A:I like ________.
B:Please go ahead. Help yourself.
           (eating sounds)
B: Do you want some more?
A: Yes, please! / No, thanks. 

Slide Previews:
I'm showing you all the characters, but each pair of characters completes the full dialogue.
As the PPT goes on, I leave blanks to help the students memorize. 

Happy Teaching!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Famous Monsters Lesson

Hey all, this is my recent after school lesson. It's got a bit of my Who's behind the card? game in it as well as some Monster / mythical creatures to make it a bit more interesting and then ends with a draw your own monster activity. This is not to be taken too seriously, it's a great way to practice some description based vocabulary as well as some reading.

Keep in mind that my middle schoolers range from very low to medium level, so I kept the monster descriptions very simple and if you'd like to teach a more in depth and more specific (historically/folklore accurate) lesson on the creatures in the PowerPoint, feel free to do so and add it to the PowerPoint. It's up to you!

Preview Slides:

It's a pretty straight forward lesson of draw, guess and read then the final slide is a drawing activity.

The Drawing Part, preview:

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Self Portrait Class - Middle School Lesson

This is a repeated lesson but I changed it up a bit, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. It went really, really well. I did it with my after school program with my middle school class.

First, we started with my Who is it? PowerPoint game that I used at my elementary school - but it's a great way to warm up this class. I gave them each some crayons and scrap paper and encouraged them to draw. They really enjoyed the guessing and drawing element especially.

Next, we did my Self Portraits PPT that I updated a bit. The first few slides show famous artists and their own self portraits. Some artists the kids may know. The slides after use some new vocabulary for them to think about for the lesson and later drawing activity. Then there are multiple slides with creative self portraits. I found these online via Google image search. All you do is show these creative portraits and discuss. What do you think? What do they like? What are their dreams?

There aren't any wrong answers, it's just getting them to look at the portraits and make sentence. Now, in the final slides I show MY OWN personal portrait and I explain it, you can delete these slides... and replace them with your own drawing OR draw your own as a class and use the sample creative portraits as a guide. Basically, they must draw themselves , their face , using symbols and illustrations that represent themselves.

Here's mine:

Some things you can gather...

  • I'm a teacher (black board)
  • I like to travel (airplane)
  • New Zealand outline in one eye, Canadian flag on other eyelid... my nationalities.
  • My first name is written in Japanese and my last name in Korean - I've lived in both countries.
etc, etc... It is a great idea to do a demo like I did as this can show them a good example of what you want to see as well as give them a demonstration of how to present their portraits to the class in the sharing portion of the class, which will come later.

here's a few of my student's portraits that we're great:

Above, my student wants to travel to London, New York, etc... she is christian, she plays the violin... etc.

Student above, she plays piano, likes art, is from Korea, wants to be a doctor, plays badminton... etc.

I hope this lesson works for you, it's not an original idea of mine, as you can see from the many samples I got online it's a typical activity to help students with self expression and identity discussion and I think perfect for any ESL lesson! 

Happy teaching!