Friday, 22 April 2016

Who's Behind The Card? Draw and Guess Game!

Hey all,

I recently used this game for my after school class and it was an absolute hit! I plan to use it for when grade 5 or 6 study appearances such as lesson "What does she look like?" in the textbook. Or other topics similar because it went so well.

Download the PPT for free here!

Update: Part Two PPT download free here!  - I made a part 2 that includes more characters and a food/toy section to practice more description ideas.

It's an easy game to prepare for. Just have some blank paper ready and crayons. The slides will give 4-5 hints, read the sentences together and discuss any new words - although, I added a post it image with some quick translations in Korean for words not in the textbook.
(please, if my translations are wrong - fix them, although I had no problems with my recent class. )

While they read the hints, one at a time, they are supposed to draw what they read.
Then while they draw they can try to guess. Most of the time they didn't guess who but it was such a blast listening to them trying to guess and then when the character was revealed they lost it!
We had such a ball! I wasn't expecting such a high energy class but for some reason this game got them going nutty! I really hope it works well for your class, too.

Below are some preview slides of the game and below the hilarious drawings from some students... some guesses were correct and the drawing definitely helped them to imagine who was behind the card. (image quality is lower than ppt).

Some drawings:

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thank you for making and posting this material. My class loved it