Wednesday, 6 April 2016

This, That, These , Those! ~ A Running Game to Practice Demonstratives

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Hey all, if you are currently teaching elementary ESL you are bound to end up on a lesson that focuses on demonstratives - this, that, these, those...etc. We are studying the grade 5 lesson "What are those?" and for my after school class I wanted to revise this with the students. Even my grade 6 students who had already learnt the grade 5 lesson needed the practice. So you can use this as a game in your classes to revise or introduce demonstratives as well.

It works simply like this... first, I have a few slides that are just for practice / sentence drilling-ish in style... and then we play a 'running game.' 

Some of the first slides for practice:

I have them read and make the sentence with the picture. "This egg." , "That egg.", "These eggs.", "Those eggs." I do it for a couple more slides with different foods. (Coffee, chips, mangoes...etc).

Then I start having blanks on the slides to check they got it down... (Mangoes and Cakes).

And then we play the running game once they got it. Now you could write or put up signs to designate each corner for This, That, These, Those but I just pointed it out in the class and they got it fine by the second go. The aim is just to be able to run as quickly as you can to the correct corner. Great if you can use a bigger space than the classroom but the class was fine, I moved all the desks. 

So they know where to run by looking at the picture that appears after the "ready, set, go!" picture of the man about to run. They know the arrow means these or that , depending on the amount of food items - plural or singular. Some students got it quicker than others but eventually everyone could choose the correct word for the correct plural/singular being represented. 

E.g. Looking below, you see a Mango with a green arrow. This means they need to run to the "that" corner. Once they all finishing running (I give a 5 second time limit) then we all make a sentence out loud as a class. "That mango."

If you see a food item, such as the single cake below in the preview slide, that is a "this" sentence.
If you see plural food items like a pile of cookies, that's a "these" sentence - run to the these corner of the room... etc.

There are many slides, 40 total. So you can practice this quite well. If you can't run or don't have time too, delete the running slide and just get some white boards out and they write the correct word 
This, that, these, those... on the boards. Easier way. 
I also added in piggy banks, fans, cookies, flowers - words from the grade 5 lesson they should know. 

Hope this helps! Happy Teaching!