Monday, 4 April 2016

Middle School Lesson - Personality ~ People and Behavior

Hello all, this is my middle school lesson 2. I posted lesson 1 previously, see here.
Hope this helps with your classes. You can certainly use it for adult classes (parts).

Download all lesson materials for free at my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

Lesson 2: Personality: People & Behavior

Warm up: Reading Game, Red Pen vs. Blue Pen (Circle the Sentences Printout)

  • Give them the hand out which includes various sentences about personality. Get them in pairs or groups of three. Everyone should have a different color pen within the group.
  • Read the sentences as a class. Answer questions if they are unsure of meanings.
  • Next, the teacher reads out one of the sentences from the handout.
  • The students have to rush to circle the sentence they hear. 
  • The first to circle the correct sentence wins. 
  • Whoever can get the most circles on the handout is the winner.

Alternative – the handout can be filled with getting-to-know you questions instead of sentences. Whoever circles the question first, has to answer it. Go around the room chatting with the class members who circled first. 

Introducing the new vocabulary

  • Go through the new words on the PPT.
  • Ask students what they’re personality is like.
  • With each personality word ask if they know someone who is 'jealous?' , 'ambitious'? Famous or someone they know personality, or even famous TV show characters.
  • Ask comprehension questions at each slide.
Hidden Picture vocab review


Hidden Picture Preview:

Online Dating Slides - Characters

  • Show famous character slides
  • Reading as a class
  • Match the character to the personality traits best
  • Discuss

Reading and discussion “My Dream Partner.” (See download)

  • Read to the class first 
  • Second, act out as a play. 
  • Everyone is the audience.
  • Discuss the play and Bora’s decision
Additional or Alternative Reading: "My Sister" 
This is another reading I wrote for class 2 as I tend to spread these lessons over 2 classes.

Personality Quizzes

  • Complete as a class
  • Discuss each
  • Encourage the use of dictionaries so they’re not limited with their vocabulary


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