Monday, 25 April 2016

May I Make Three Wishes?

This is a fun reading and writing activity to practice the key phrases of the grade 5 lesson, May I Take a Picture? I have used this for my past reading classes but it fits really well with this lesson, too. The kids got creative with their wishes and I expect to mark and create a display for the classroom for these projects. I hope this can help with your classes!

First we did some reading about Aladdin using the PPT , some pages link to youtube videos, added fun. Next, we went over the possible wishes to ask - using the key vocabulary and more.

(There are a few more slides)

Next, it ends with the worksheet which you print and give to each student to come up with their own 3 "may I" wishes/questions.

I suggest you do a 5 point marking system. Tell them they get 1 point for each sentence completed, (3/5). They get 1 point for writing their name and class correctly (4/5). And finally, 1 point for coloring and making it presentable, nice handwriting, etc (5/5).

I explained this 5 point system and said "Next class, when you give your worksheet to me I will give you 1 candy if you get 5 points."

I always believe a marking system that you show your students is effective in getting them to finish work successfully as well as understand why they deserve or don't deserve a reward.

I'll post some of my student's work once they hand them in. Happy Teaching!


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