Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fun Animal After School Lesson

I planned this after school lesson for my small English club, made of grade 5 and 6 students at my elementary school. I wanted to touch on some animal names as they only seem to know a handful of animals in English. This was a simple lesson with 2 games to introduce some new animals and hopefully broaden their vocabulary for the future. I plan to have some later after school lessons to help them out also.

I have recycled 2 PowerPoint Games I've created and upload here before, so forgive me - I won't be explaining them too much in this post - you can visit the past links to know more.

Before the 2 games I showed this cool ABC animal theme song from Youtube, which always is a hit, they find the animation interesting. 

Game 1 : Superhero themed Favorite things game - Animal Edition. For the original post of this PPT, click here. :)

Some preview slides:
Two animal pictures will disappear to reveal the favorite animal. Have the class complete the sentence at the end. It is not a problem if the students don't know the animal names, it's a lesson to introduce many new.

Game 2: Find the Code Animal Edition. Original game for grade 6 lesson What do you want to do? -see here. 

This is a fun listening game that requires students to listen carefully to the teacher and write down the number that corresponds to each sentence. A picture is matched to each sentence to represent a number. The teacher will say multiple sentences for each slide and the students will write out a number for each said, creating a 'code'. The code is revealed on the next slide. See more game info by seeing original post mentioned above.

For this game the sentences are all "These are _________." (insert animal name).

I left the example slide in there to help students understand the game - it actually was super successful to explain, they got it really quickly - no co teacher or translation needed! (Demo the example with them by writing the code on the board.)

They'll need a scrap paper for this or white board.

Slide Preview:

Hope these game can help you with teaching a fun and interactive after school class about animals. I suggest that you follow up with my zoo tour lessons - click here for more info and free downloads!

Happy Teaching!


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