Monday, 25 April 2016

May I Make Three Wishes?

This is a fun reading and writing activity to practice the key phrases of the grade 5 lesson, May I Take a Picture? I have used this for my past reading classes but it fits really well with this lesson, too. The kids got creative with their wishes and I expect to mark and create a display for the classroom for these projects. I hope this can help with your classes!

First we did some reading about Aladdin using the PPT , some pages link to youtube videos, added fun. Next, we went over the possible wishes to ask - using the key vocabulary and more.

(There are a few more slides)

Next, it ends with the worksheet which you print and give to each student to come up with their own 3 "may I" wishes/questions.

I suggest you do a 5 point marking system. Tell them they get 1 point for each sentence completed, (3/5). They get 1 point for writing their name and class correctly (4/5). And finally, 1 point for coloring and making it presentable, nice handwriting, etc (5/5).

I explained this 5 point system and said "Next class, when you give your worksheet to me I will give you 1 candy if you get 5 points."

I always believe a marking system that you show your students is effective in getting them to finish work successfully as well as understand why they deserve or don't deserve a reward.

I'll post some of my student's work once they hand them in. Happy Teaching!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Who's Behind The Card? Draw and Guess Game!

Hey all,

I recently used this game for my after school class and it was an absolute hit! I plan to use it for when grade 5 or 6 study appearances such as lesson "What does she look like?" in the textbook. Or other topics similar because it went so well.

Download the PPT for free here!

Update: Part Two PPT download free here!  - I made a part 2 that includes more characters and a food/toy section to practice more description ideas.

It's an easy game to prepare for. Just have some blank paper ready and crayons. The slides will give 4-5 hints, read the sentences together and discuss any new words - although, I added a post it image with some quick translations in Korean for words not in the textbook.
(please, if my translations are wrong - fix them, although I had no problems with my recent class. )

While they read the hints, one at a time, they are supposed to draw what they read.
Then while they draw they can try to guess. Most of the time they didn't guess who but it was such a blast listening to them trying to guess and then when the character was revealed they lost it!
We had such a ball! I wasn't expecting such a high energy class but for some reason this game got them going nutty! I really hope it works well for your class, too.

Below are some preview slides of the game and below the hilarious drawings from some students... some guesses were correct and the drawing definitely helped them to imagine who was behind the card. (image quality is lower than ppt).

Some drawings:

Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Crack the Code PPT Game for Spelling Review

Hey there,
This is a fun PowerPoint game I made yesterday for a review class with my English club made up of grade 5 and 6 students. I wanted to practice some spelling but in a fun way, as well as writing. So I made a PPT that has within it one of those codes which has an image that represents each letter of the alphabet. They are given the code cracker and they have to crack the code on the slide in 30 seconds. I used a timer on my phone - you can count down in your head if you'd like... allow more time when needed perhaps.

Down load it here, for free!

It's really easy to edit, just delete the code images and then copy and paste the image you need to make your own sentences - for any lesson. You could make this into a team game also. 

Note, we are revising the topic "Where's the Museum?" from the textbook. So the sentences to 'crack' are based off that lesson, mostly. 

Here are some preview slides:
(image quality is better in download).

I also have a fun last slide that hides the sentence "What does the fox say?" - and then I have a fox come up on screen hehe.

Down load it here, for free!

Happy Teaching!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fun Animal After School Lesson

I planned this after school lesson for my small English club, made of grade 5 and 6 students at my elementary school. I wanted to touch on some animal names as they only seem to know a handful of animals in English. This was a simple lesson with 2 games to introduce some new animals and hopefully broaden their vocabulary for the future. I plan to have some later after school lessons to help them out also.

I have recycled 2 PowerPoint Games I've created and upload here before, so forgive me - I won't be explaining them too much in this post - you can visit the past links to know more.

Before the 2 games I showed this cool ABC animal theme song from Youtube, which always is a hit, they find the animation interesting. 

Game 1 : Superhero themed Favorite things game - Animal Edition. For the original post of this PPT, click here. :)

Some preview slides:
Two animal pictures will disappear to reveal the favorite animal. Have the class complete the sentence at the end. It is not a problem if the students don't know the animal names, it's a lesson to introduce many new.

Game 2: Find the Code Animal Edition. Original game for grade 6 lesson What do you want to do? -see here. 

This is a fun listening game that requires students to listen carefully to the teacher and write down the number that corresponds to each sentence. A picture is matched to each sentence to represent a number. The teacher will say multiple sentences for each slide and the students will write out a number for each said, creating a 'code'. The code is revealed on the next slide. See more game info by seeing original post mentioned above.

For this game the sentences are all "These are _________." (insert animal name).

I left the example slide in there to help students understand the game - it actually was super successful to explain, they got it really quickly - no co teacher or translation needed! (Demo the example with them by writing the code on the board.)

They'll need a scrap paper for this or white board.

Slide Preview:

Hope these game can help you with teaching a fun and interactive after school class about animals. I suggest that you follow up with my zoo tour lessons - click here for more info and free downloads!

Happy Teaching!

This, That, These , Those! ~ A Running Game to Practice Demonstratives

*Download for free here!

Hey all, if you are currently teaching elementary ESL you are bound to end up on a lesson that focuses on demonstratives - this, that, these, those...etc. We are studying the grade 5 lesson "What are those?" and for my after school class I wanted to revise this with the students. Even my grade 6 students who had already learnt the grade 5 lesson needed the practice. So you can use this as a game in your classes to revise or introduce demonstratives as well.

It works simply like this... first, I have a few slides that are just for practice / sentence drilling-ish in style... and then we play a 'running game.' 

Some of the first slides for practice:

I have them read and make the sentence with the picture. "This egg." , "That egg.", "These eggs.", "Those eggs." I do it for a couple more slides with different foods. (Coffee, chips, mangoes...etc).

Then I start having blanks on the slides to check they got it down... (Mangoes and Cakes).

And then we play the running game once they got it. Now you could write or put up signs to designate each corner for This, That, These, Those but I just pointed it out in the class and they got it fine by the second go. The aim is just to be able to run as quickly as you can to the correct corner. Great if you can use a bigger space than the classroom but the class was fine, I moved all the desks. 

So they know where to run by looking at the picture that appears after the "ready, set, go!" picture of the man about to run. They know the arrow means these or that , depending on the amount of food items - plural or singular. Some students got it quicker than others but eventually everyone could choose the correct word for the correct plural/singular being represented. 

E.g. Looking below, you see a Mango with a green arrow. This means they need to run to the "that" corner. Once they all finishing running (I give a 5 second time limit) then we all make a sentence out loud as a class. "That mango."

If you see a food item, such as the single cake below in the preview slide, that is a "this" sentence.
If you see plural food items like a pile of cookies, that's a "these" sentence - run to the these corner of the room... etc.

There are many slides, 40 total. So you can practice this quite well. If you can't run or don't have time too, delete the running slide and just get some white boards out and they write the correct word 
This, that, these, those... on the boards. Easier way. 
I also added in piggy banks, fans, cookies, flowers - words from the grade 5 lesson they should know. 

Hope this helps! Happy Teaching!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Middle School Lesson - Personality ~ People and Behavior

Hello all, this is my middle school lesson 2. I posted lesson 1 previously, see here.
Hope this helps with your classes. You can certainly use it for adult classes (parts).

Download all lesson materials for free at my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

Lesson 2: Personality: People & Behavior

Warm up: Reading Game, Red Pen vs. Blue Pen (Circle the Sentences Printout)

  • Give them the hand out which includes various sentences about personality. Get them in pairs or groups of three. Everyone should have a different color pen within the group.
  • Read the sentences as a class. Answer questions if they are unsure of meanings.
  • Next, the teacher reads out one of the sentences from the handout.
  • The students have to rush to circle the sentence they hear. 
  • The first to circle the correct sentence wins. 
  • Whoever can get the most circles on the handout is the winner.

Alternative – the handout can be filled with getting-to-know you questions instead of sentences. Whoever circles the question first, has to answer it. Go around the room chatting with the class members who circled first. 

Introducing the new vocabulary

  • Go through the new words on the PPT.
  • Ask students what they’re personality is like.
  • With each personality word ask if they know someone who is 'jealous?' , 'ambitious'? Famous or someone they know personality, or even famous TV show characters.
  • Ask comprehension questions at each slide.
Hidden Picture vocab review


Hidden Picture Preview:

Online Dating Slides - Characters

  • Show famous character slides
  • Reading as a class
  • Match the character to the personality traits best
  • Discuss

Reading and discussion “My Dream Partner.” (See download)

  • Read to the class first 
  • Second, act out as a play. 
  • Everyone is the audience.
  • Discuss the play and Bora’s decision
Additional or Alternative Reading: "My Sister" 
This is another reading I wrote for class 2 as I tend to spread these lessons over 2 classes.

Personality Quizzes

  • Complete as a class
  • Discuss each
  • Encourage the use of dictionaries so they’re not limited with their vocabulary

Friday, 1 April 2016

What's This? Warm Up Activity for Grade 3

I made this simple PowerPoint for my grade 3 class to practice the phrase 'What's this?' which is what they're currently studying in their textbook. The PowerPoint doesn't match the textbook at all, it's just a fun warm up that I use to get the class stimulated and interested. By the second slide they understand that it's a guessing activity. No points.

Also a good chance for discussion if your kids have better levels. I also used it for a warm up with my middle school and grade 5 class and they enjoyed it too. Enjoy!

I like gadgets and cool products so this was fun to make - hope it helps! Download it for free at my Teachers pay teachers page now!

Preview Slides:

Happy Teaching!