Monday, 7 March 2016

Where Are You From? Simple Speaking Game

This is a quick 10 minute activity to play with your classes to practice the phrase 'Where Are You From?'.

Have your students make a table as seen above in their notebooks or make one in word and photocopy it for them.

Instruct your students that they must go around the classroom and ask their classmates "Where are you from?" and they answer with their previous class name (from the year before)- so grade 5 students will answer with "I'm from class 4-1." etc. Because this lesson is the first of the year it's a perfect activity as the students are fresh from their old classes.

It's also a nice ice-breaker for them to get to know each other. The second question they should ask is "What is your name?" and you can choose to get them to practice spelling their names in English or write it in Korean.

This is a nice short activity for them to use and understand the question 'Where are you from?' in a different form other than nationality. Also, I made sure they had a time limit of about 2- 3 mins and said they needed to finish the table. They found that exciting and rushed to go and interview their classmates. This works best with a class over 10 students at a bigger school.

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