Friday, 11 March 2016

What Grade Are You In? ~ Speaking Activity Bingo

Hey all, I tried this new activity with my grade 6 yesterday and it worked a treat. All it takes is a little printing on your part and it's great to get the kids speaking and thinking.

Download this resource for free at my teachers pay teachers site. 

So, first, I gave the students a copy of this 'school' :

I told the students, there are 4 classrooms, and 6 grades. 1st grade on the first floor, 2nd grade on the second floor and so on. Next, once they all had their own school, I demonstrated the activity with my flashcards.
Name Cards

I have a pile of cards that are student names (fictional, from the textbook, etc) , another pile of cards with grades on them. "Grade 1", "Grade 6" etc - I don't write the ordinal number form , so they can challenge themselves to read it. Last pile of cards are class room numbers - so just numbers 1 -4. 

Using the cards, I picked up 1 from each pile (total of 3 cards) and completed the dialogue that I had written on the board. The students acted out the 'A' part while I used my cards to act out the 'B' part.

So if I picked cards 'Kate, Class 3 and Grade 4' they would have to write Kate in the box that is on the 4th row (4th grade) and in column 3 (class 3). This gets the students speaking and practicing ordinal numbers as well as spelling and having to listen to the spelling of the name being read out.

Now, that they understand the speaking part, I want to make it more of a game. Before the students start speaking - have every student color in 6 boxes, randomly in their 'school' table. They can choose 6 different classes on any floor. Explain to the students it's like bingo - if they can get at least 4 of the boxes they colored filled with a name, then they can call bingo and win a candy/class point, etc.

For example. Say a student comes to the front and draws the cards: Wei, Class 4, 6th Grade. Then the student who has the school table below can say he has 1 out of 4 for names needed to call out bingo.

Here's a sample board:
As you can see, this student is only one name shy of calling bingo. 

Call students up to the front to complete the dialogue with the class, using the flash cards mentioned. Play a few rounds or until you have a student win bingo. This activity can be quite long, up to 15 mins to demo and play. It's a great way to get those key phrases going. It worked well in my class.

Happy Teaching!


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