Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Finger Soccer

I made this finger soccer PowerPoint and a finger soccer printable for them to play. The ball , I'll need to make with cardboard or a flat disk. And that's it. Free to download from my teachers pay teachers page.

*Edit: In the soccer field print out, write number 4 in the centre circle.

Here's what the PowerPoint looks like:

Next, a short and animated explanation of how the game works. Basically, they roll the dice and the number they roll corresponds to a sentence on the table. They read it and then place the soccer ball on the sheet in the circle that has the number they rolled. If the number they rolled isn't there, place the ball on the Team spot.

The last slide is the table, keep this projected while they play. Good news, you can change this table for any topic you want by replacing the sentences. :)

Here's what the worksheet looks like. They must get it in the goal to get a point. And with only one finger flick. It's just an A4 size sheet.

Happy Teaching! Hope it helps!


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