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Winter Camp 2015/2016 ~ Day 1: Mr. Bunny's Carrot Soup

Greetings teachers!

It's that time of the year again, winter camp time.
I was asked again, to create a camp centred on reading. So like, last camp (summer) I have chosen some books for each day to work around, although this year instead of trying to find books from everywhere in print, etc. I have found a brilliant alternative, and best of all - free - website that you can view, read and listen to ESL level books online.

This site is called 'http://more2.starfall.com/n/level-c/index/load.htm?' and it is a fantastic website to use for reading and many other activities. In the online library they have quite a few stories to choose from so I have chosen for my winter reading camp, the following:


*edit* I've decided to do the four stories for  my five day camp and repeat the lessons with Grade 5 & 6 also, as they are easily adjustable to their level. On the fifth day we are just playing games and watching a film. 

My Camp Plans (I have 2 Schools to do camp with)

NOTE - if you have low level students the books can be used for grade 5 and 6 also.

In this post I am going to give you my lesson plan and links to downloadable resources
 - all for free.
Happy Camping and happy teaching!

Day 1: Mr. Bunny's Carrot Soup

  • Warm up: Duck , duck - bunny!
Same classic game, but replace the goose word with bunny for practice. It's a game more for fun and to start the day with action. Get them energetic. My grade 3 and 4 love this game. Even better if you join in!

  • PowerPoint - Vocabulary Review
Go over new vocab, the pictures show up on click, so ask students if they know the meaning of the words.
    Students should also match and write the new words on vocabulary worksheet given. They should draw their own picture for ‘thank you’.
      Encourage them, if needed, to also write next to the pictures, the Korean translation of the word, for their own reference.

      Slide Preview:

      If you want, there's also a YouTube video of the book. And here's a link to a printable version.

      • Back to PPT – Reading, memory challenge

      I put in a quick memory challenge in the PowerPoint, you'll have to download the lesson bundle to see it better explained.

      • Eat some carrots!
      This is a fun chance to spice up the class - and for cheap! And easy!
      Cook some carrots at home, enough for at least a nibble for each student and also cut up some raw carrots. This is just a fun way to discuss carrots and what they prefer. You could make this more creative and add more flavors to the carrots or even cook at school with the kids. 

      Here's a bunch of carrot recipes that are simple and varied, from All Recipes.com

      • Carrot Book Report

      You can adjust this to any level, but basically you ask students to cut, paste and color their carrot booklet and then they have to write some key facts about the story "Mr. Bunny's Carrot Soup" within it. I always write out a criteria check list on the board for the kids to follow, to ensure they do the work. So here's a check list I suggest for grade 3- 4 level:

      Check List:
      1. Name of the story
      2. Who is the main character 
      3. What other characters are in the book?
      4. What did they make for Mr. Bunny?
      You could also, if you have a co-teacher especially, ask the students to write in Korean first, the 'message' of the story - what is the story trying to teach us? - then after the kids can try to discuss this in English with co-teacher's help and yours.

      Since the story is all about sharing - I thought I fun way to incorporate the theme and word would be to sing some of the 'Share it, Maybe?' song by Sesame Street character Cookie Monster. It's such a cute song, and easy to pick up tune (Maybe your kids already know the original 'Call me, maybe?' song too.)  In the lesson bundle the lyrics are attached. 

      Make sure to ask some discussion questions about the song too. 
      What does Cookie Monster want? What does he say? What other foods did you see or hear about?

      • Role-Play - Writing and Performing
      This is a fun way to review the story and theme. You get the students to act out their own version of the story however, with my worksheet, they are able to change it up a bit by making new characters and they can even talk about a new food. It can obviously be adjusted to lower or higher level, making the teacher the narrator especially cuts down the level.

      You should have the class in groups to perform, or if a small class, all together.

      Give them time to rehearse and make sure there's a prize or some sort of reward for the best team performance, etc. To keep them motivated. 

      The End

      • The PowerPoint also has a built in elimination game so you can play with that if you have time.
      • This lesson is designed for 2 hour approx day, which also needs to make time for a 10-20 minute break, so I feel these activities are enough. 
      However, if you feel you need more I suggest a pin the carrot/or tail on the bunny game.
      Back to reading - get the students to take turns reading a page or sentences in the book once again. 
      Sing and act out the Share it, maybe song... etc.

      Happy Teaching! 
      Hope it helps.


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