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Lesson Review ~ By Blogger & Teacher Semeerah @perfectlyimperfectmeya.blogspot/

This is my first post where I let other teachers write a review of one of my lessons. I enjoy the feedback and different perspective from other teachers who use my resources and ideas. If you'd like to review a lesson from my blog, feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page.  In return, if you are a blogger I'd be happy to promote your blog on my site also. 

Halloween Role Play & Making Spaghetti Lesson Review 

Written by Teacher & Blogger, Semeerah 

Lesson planning can be stressful and we have all been there, but where to go for help?  I have been saved on numerous occasions by friend & blogger Ardyn - also known as "Mrs. Baia". On her blog, she is kind of enough to share with us her wonderful lessons that have been carefully thought out and planned.  I used her Halloween skit with my third graders and IT WAS A HIT. (Third grade in Middle School).

 I was worried at first, because my students are beyond shy, but this brought them out of their shell and it worked really well. The dialogue was great as my students got a chance to read, pronounce and practice their English. But also, they got to have some fun!  The script has lots of room for sound effects and silliness, as well as being ESL level. Below are some videos of how great my students did, with her Halloween Dialogue. It saved my life, as I was highly stressed out during the Halloween lesson planning stage and her blog came to my rescue. Now, they are not Oscar award winning actors (yet) but for my students, this is a big step, acting and trying to be creative with a script. I also loved the script, and very impressed that Mrs. Baia wrote this herself! Great for ESL level students young and old.

See script by clicking here.

I have also had a spaghetti inspired class, because one of her posts called  “on top of spaghetti” , featuring the song was really perfect to use for our cooking lesson. Her PPT helped me go through the ingredients of what was required in spaghetti, so before we made the spaghetti, I used her PPT and showed the song.

 My kids loved the song and were well engaged, before we started the cooking part of the lesson. It was an excellent way to start our cooking spaghetti lesson and practice the ingredient names and other cooking vocabulary that we would use during the practical part.

Her lesson was made for young learners but my students are quite low level so it worked okay with middle school students also. I also liked the online reading activity (you can see it on the computer projection in my pictures below) as this helped us to do a little reading & English practice. It's also a funny story as the meatball rolls out the door. hehe

Her blog is colourful, well organized and very easy to navigate. She provides you with her PPTs and handouts. Also, her blog illustrates her passion not only for teaching, but to help other teachers to bring the best out of their students, and I testify to this, because using her Halloween Dialogue brought the best of my students that day. They had fun while learning and after all isn’t that what our goal is at the end of the day as teachers?

So the next time you are stuck or uninspired go straight to her page and I know you will find at least one thing if not more to teach your students. 


Semeerah teaches in South Korea and is from Canada. Her blog 'Perfectly Imperfect Meya' is a blog about living and working in South Korea. Some of her popular posts include a review on South Korean Beauty Products , an article on Living Expenses in Korea  and a post about her view of being a Muslim Woman in South Korea


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