Thursday, 3 December 2015

Find the Code - Do You Know Anything About It?

Hey all,

I have made and posted about this game before, but this time I made it to match the 6th grade lesson "Do You Know Anything About it?" which is all about learning some random facts and things about the world... an odd lesson but my kids are intrigued.
To know how to play fully please click here first and then return - same rules, just different topic.

Now for the listening part of the teacher, print or copy out the codes on the last slide:

You will only use "Do you know anything about ________________?" sentences (Do you know anything about Baobob trees? Do you know anything about guide dogs? etc...)
Try to say the sentences/questions as fast as you can while looking at the code and slides. Remember that '0' is when you make a random sentence that doesn't exist so I liked to say trick sentences like : "Do you know anything about trees? Do you know anything about cookies? Do you know anything about dogs? Do you know anything about libraries?" - these all leave out key words that the pictures match too and only if the kids are listening well will they know it's a code number 0.

So, I thought I would re-use this classic listening game and share with you guys, download it free on my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

Now the grade 6 really liked this and found it moderately easy by the 4th time, so then, I had them come up and be the teacher - they were about to talk slower than me of course. Then to twist it up further, I even change the sentences from "Do you know anything about ______?" to the definitions instead. So I would say "It's a tall tree that lives in hot places." , "They're dogs who help blind people" etc. This way they had to do even more listening and thinking.

Hope this helps
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