Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Pancakes and Mr. Bean

This year we couldn't really prepare a big Christmas class as we did last year. Not sure why, just didn't work out and we were teaching up until the last minute at my main school. However, for one of my schools who I love teaching at, I decided to make more of an effort for them as we had the time... and they're my favorite school. (sh! Don't tell)

So the night before I tried my best to make some Christmas themed pancakes. I was inspired by those pancake artists online... but I certainly have a long way to go! It's much harder than it looks!

Here's what I ended up with after a lot of giggles and wasted batter...

And you know what, despite their looks lol... the kids really enjoyed them and were happy to see the different Christmas-y shapes and things. I was so thrilled. I brought syrup along with me and they gobbled them up. 

And then we watched the best Christmas ESL friendly video of all time - Mr. Bean's Christmas special! It's on Youtube!

Stay warm, enjoy Christmas and of course, happy teaching!


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