Thursday, 5 November 2015

Who Drew This Picture? - Invention Themed Lesson

We finished the lesson yesterday for grade 6,  "Who Drew this Picture?" So to wrap it up I decided to show a few invention themed videos and some fun inventions on a PPT slide. I have used the slide before for a after school club lesson - but it worked really well here. The reason why I did a bit on inventions is because the textbook "We Are The World" section talks about famous inventions in Korean plus throughout the lesson we discuss how King Sejong invented Hanguel, Leonardo Da Vinci invented many things, etc.
Download ppt free, here. 

PPT preview:

There a a few more slides about inventions. I try to ask for their feed back and they were really interested.

After we did the check up, and then we watched an Ellen show video about kid inventions, that they also found interesting.

Here's the video:

Have a great week, happy teaching!