Monday, 16 November 2015

The ESL House Song Memory PPT

I absolutely love this song from the Busy Beavers YouTube channel. It's perfect for any ESL lesson about the rooms of the house. So today, we played this song and then we did a fun, short and easy memory challenge PPT that they really enjoyed. It also worked well to set the tone for the rest of the lesson which involved watching the 'Look and Say' video and after I asked questions to see if they understood - and they were more awake and eager than usual. I believe the memory game warm up sparked this extra effort.

Anyway, you can download this memory PPT free at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

You should play the song first, give no warning about the memory game. Then play.
The first slide has the A-pink Kpop song snippet within it, "Do you remember?" song lol... to get them excited. The boxes will disappear with questions. Make sure to emphasize that they listen to the question when the teacher reads it aloud, before jumping to answer a different one.

Here's the preview slides:

Hope this is useful in your ESL class.

Happy Teaching!


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