Friday, 6 November 2015

Superhero Guessing Game ~ "What's Your Favorite Subject?"

Greetings teachers and happy Friday! (TGIF!!!)

This was the lesson I did today for my grade 5 class, as we were finishing up the lesson "What's Your Favorite Subject?" I wanted to use my superhero template that I made for an after school class recently as the kids really enjoyed it.

Ok, so this game is a guessing game or as my Korean students call it a 'telepathy game".
It's super easy to play, all you have to do is download and play.
This is a 10 to 15 min max activity.

  • separate the students into teams - I did 4
  • write a score board on the board
  • show them slide, write down their guesses each round
  • then reveal the answer
  • teams who guessed correctly earn a point

Tip: Have the students read the "Guess" sentence and then ask if they can translate it into Korean (the entire sentence). Do this during each turn, to practice the key vocab and reading. 

Also, point to the favorite items and ask what they are - don't read it out for them, they should identify and say the English name for them. The only difficult one was the Black Widow slide, as they didn't all know Scorpion, but they knew the others.

Preview Slides :
Note: I embedded Superman theme music into the first and last slide. :)

Side note: Superhero comics are so sexist... was a challenge to find female superhero characters that were fully covered and I had to put a triangle shape on Black Widow to cover her cleavage as one of my classes couldn't handle it was hard just finding famous female superheroes! C'mon guys, gotta get more female ones out there. 

In the next preview pics, you can see that these are showing what it looks like when the answer is revealed. The other 2 pictures will just disappear. 5 points for every correct guess.
Note: Please add an apostrophe to the Mrs. Incredible's favorite... slide. Sorry, was in a rush to upload. 

Hope you can use this in your classes!
Download this for free at my Teachers Pay teachers store.

Have fun, Happy Teaching!


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