Thursday, 26 November 2015

Make Your Own Club Project

For my grade 5 class I wanted to spice up the lesson mid-way and do a project. I thought the reading page was really good to practice some of the key phrases of the lesson "I want to pick apples" which is all about helping or doing chores around the school and farm, etc. But the reading page was also a great way to show the students more examples of using the "I want to" sentence format. So I thought, why not get the students to make their own clubs. It turned out really well as they were able to get creative, practice key sentences and further their understanding of the lesson. A hit overall!

Hope you can be inspired to do the same in your lesson. :)

Here's the reading page from our textbook which features posters for 2 different school clubs:

Next, I went over the criteria for their projects on the board - a mark scheme if you will, so they know what's expected. I said to them that if they do all that is asked, they can receive 2 English market coupons and stickers.

(I realized later that the next page has a small writing section where they complete a similar activity = so you could save the project till that lesson. The writing activity however does most of the work for them, so I prefer to get them doing more writing and thinking than the textbook) 

Happy Teaching!


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