Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Easy Review Booklets - Lesson: I Have a Crayon

This is just a simple review lesson I did with my grade 3 today. It's nothing too fancy. Just made little booklets and got them to practice their writing and presentation skills. We just finished the lesson "I have a crayon" and I didn't want to rush into the next lesson, so I thought what better, than a project to wrap things up?

So here's what I wrote on the board - with their help, asking them to spell it out and read it for me.

Then after, I had them fold their booklet paper . As you can see on the whiteboard, we did a little review of the use of 'a' and 'an' - I showed them the vowels that you use 'an' for and then asked which word required the use of 'an' before 'a', etc. I told them on each page of their booklet they needed to write an "I have" sentence and they were free to choose what object they wanted for each page of their 4 page booklet.

This is a very cute song to sing with them too, for practicing the I have sentences...

They turned out very cute!

(I've got a small class... so I need to spice up the display. hehe...will do soon).

Happy Teaching!


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