Friday, 27 November 2015

CU Guess the Price Game - How Much is it? ESL Lesson

Hey all,

I decided for a nice introduction to the lesson "How much are the pants?" would be a quick guess the correct price game and I made sure to include actual, real prices - courtesy of the convenience store 'CU' website. My kids are always in CU eating ramen and snacks after school, so I thought this would be a great way to make the English lesson relatable to their lives. It was also a good way to practice the numbers.

Download the PowerPoint for free here.

How to play:

  • It's really simple. You show the PowerPoint slides and the question "How much is it?" will pop up, followed by a picture of a product from CU and 3 different prices for the students to choose from, only one being the correct, real price.
  • I separated the class into two teams and they had to each give their guess, which I wrote down, and then next, I clicked the PPT and the incorrect prices disappear, leaving only the correct price.
  • If the team or teams guess the correct price they are awarded a point.
  • For each slide, before making guesses we read the prices out as a class - to practice saying the number and currency. "One thousand won" , etc...
  • After reading, one team representative from each team must guess and say the number in full English correctly. Make sure to choose a new representative from each team each turn.
  • Once both teams have made their guesses, then you can reveal the answer.

Here's a preview of the PPT slides:


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