Thursday, 12 November 2015

Correct the Lyrics - The House Song

Tomorrow we are starting the lesson "What a Nice House!" for my Grade 5 classes.
I always love using this song, by Busy Beavers for lessons about the house and rooms of the house:

Now, I did the lyric correction activity last year with the Months of The Year song - which I'll use for the Grade 6 lesson coming up soon - to see that lesson, go here: When is Your Birthday - Lyric Correction

Now, for this house lesson - this song is great to learn the rooms so I simply, wrote out the lyrics in Word and then put some blanks in it. There's a copy of 2 so you can save a bit on printing.

(Just right click the image below and copy and paste it into a word doc, to print for your class. Cut in two , one for each student)

This worked really well when I did it with other songs and other lessons. I think it'll be a great start to the new lesson and learning the rooms and spellings as well.

You should play the song for the students first, then give out the lyrics with blanks and then play 2 more times. Then check together as a class.
Simple, engaging and effective! 

Happy Teaching!

If you are looking for more lesson ideas for teaching rooms of the house in your ESL class - check these out, below:


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