Wednesday, 11 November 2015

After School Lesson - Spelling Game

This post is for all of us here in Korea who have used a PowerPoint "Bomb Game" before.

It's so crazy simple , you may think I've lost it... but this is a post to remind teachers that simple can be just what we need. Especially for those after school classes that are often made up of very little students or , in my case - some very mixed levels too. 
It is also handy to do with any bomb game you already have on your computer and if you're strapped for time. 

Now, a Bomb Game is for those who may not know is just a PPT template that awards points for every correct answer - and they're wonderful as you can edit them to suit just about any lesson , for revision and more.

So, I wanted to do something simple and fun as we were short for time. So I quickly edited a bomb game I found online (Thank God for and made all the questions into spelling questions. 

Just a simple "How do you spell it?" with a picture that communicated the word and then the students had to spell the word.

I used an awesome PPT template I found on Waygook by amazing computer wizz "Zeegs" (that's his user name on the site). 
This is the link to his Teachers Pay Teachers store! 
He creates awesome PPT templates and uploads them for FREE on the site, so you should definitely visit here for heaps of cool designs.  (You have to be a member of the site to download).

Now, the spelling game was an unexpected hit! I know that it may seem too easy to just do spelling questions but it's actually a really good chance to practice those phonic sounds. 
I used textbook words that they need to know for the exam and more...

As you can see below my board was covered with words. I would have the students spell the word to me and I wrote it out. If they were having difficulty I would give them a hint with underscore lines representing the amount of letters in the word.

They also had a hard time with the I E and Y sounds as they are alike and can be confusing to ESL speakers - so this was an unexpected but useful class to let them know of the similar and different sounds certain letters make.

Also, it's okay if other students want to help out - but as long as they are sounding out the letter/word not just giving the letter. This is a good way to practice phonic sounds. And my students really enjoyed it.

By the end of it , we had a whole wall of words. And don't be shy to choose the longer words from the textbook - after all, they should know them.

If you want to make it harder, have the students spell whole sentences and get out the mini whiteboards to make it even more a game.

I used his "What does the Fox Say?" PowerPoint which you can find on his site. It was easy to edit and I just did all spelling questions like this:

Now, if you can't download this template or have no time to - you can easily do this with any bomb game you already have.

Also, another spelling game you could try is from a previous post of mine, see here.
It's where you use the alphabet letters or cards you already have and spell words as a team.

Okay, that's all folks.

Happy Teaching! 


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