Friday, 27 November 2015

CU Guess the Price Game - How Much is it? ESL Lesson

Hey all,

I decided for a nice introduction to the lesson "How much are the pants?" would be a quick guess the correct price game and I made sure to include actual, real prices - courtesy of the convenience store 'CU' website. My kids are always in CU eating ramen and snacks after school, so I thought this would be a great way to make the English lesson relatable to their lives. It was also a good way to practice the numbers.

Download the PowerPoint for free here.

How to play:

  • It's really simple. You show the PowerPoint slides and the question "How much is it?" will pop up, followed by a picture of a product from CU and 3 different prices for the students to choose from, only one being the correct, real price.
  • I separated the class into two teams and they had to each give their guess, which I wrote down, and then next, I clicked the PPT and the incorrect prices disappear, leaving only the correct price.
  • If the team or teams guess the correct price they are awarded a point.
  • For each slide, before making guesses we read the prices out as a class - to practice saying the number and currency. "One thousand won" , etc...
  • After reading, one team representative from each team must guess and say the number in full English correctly. Make sure to choose a new representative from each team each turn.
  • Once both teams have made their guesses, then you can reveal the answer.

Here's a preview of the PPT slides:

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Make Your Own Club Project

For my grade 5 class I wanted to spice up the lesson mid-way and do a project. I thought the reading page was really good to practice some of the key phrases of the lesson "I want to pick apples" which is all about helping or doing chores around the school and farm, etc. But the reading page was also a great way to show the students more examples of using the "I want to" sentence format. So I thought, why not get the students to make their own clubs. It turned out really well as they were able to get creative, practice key sentences and further their understanding of the lesson. A hit overall!

Hope you can be inspired to do the same in your lesson. :)

Here's the reading page from our textbook which features posters for 2 different school clubs:

Next, I went over the criteria for their projects on the board - a mark scheme if you will, so they know what's expected. I said to them that if they do all that is asked, they can receive 2 English market coupons and stickers.

(I realized later that the next page has a small writing section where they complete a similar activity = so you could save the project till that lesson. The writing activity however does most of the work for them, so I prefer to get them doing more writing and thinking than the textbook) 

Happy Teaching!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Project Shenanigans, Making Cookie-Candy Houses

I can't take credit for this idea, my co-teacher came up with it. She wanted to do something fun for the kiddies who are studying the lesson What a Nice House in their textbooks. Instead of the dull project in the book, she had the fab idea to get some cookies, tooth picks and syrup - to get their creative juices flowing -and make some cookie/candy houses!

What a great idea! Now, all you need are some cheap cookies, wafers are good or anything square and then we asked the students to also bring some candy and decorating items from home. We used some sugar syrup that she found online... but it's basically just sugar mixed in water. You could use any sugary liquid really, icing, maple syrup, etc.

They sell these on Gmarket - Delos Cookies

Anyway, so we let their imagination run wild in this class. I made a sample house using on the cookies we gave them, so they could see it was possible to be creative if they hadn't brought any of their own extras. 

Here's some of the fun!

Hope you can make use of this for camp or your own house lesson.

Now, for more ideas with food be sure to check out my winter camp lesson post and my summer camp around the world theme lessons.

Happy Teaching!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Superhero Matching Game - What a Nice House!

Happy Friday!

This is a PowerPoint matching game with a superhero theme for the lesson What a Nice House!
It am hoping it will be a hit with my grade 5 classes today, can't wait to play. I added some sound effects to make it more fun too. 

How to play - you can split the class into teams and for every match made, you give that team a point. Or, you can just play as a class without any competition - but as we know, kids love the competitive image. It's a great game for reading practice too. You can have individual kids reading the boxes or the entire team. 

The teacher is able to click on the circle sign in the corner of each box to close the box back - when there's no match. 

Sample slides:

Once they've made a match, keep it on screen until the game is done. 

Hey everyone, I also was able to use this for my middle school classes - for a quick warm up. I think I will do it for a few more lessons, takes about 5-10 minutes for the start of the lesson.

I did a geography theme last week as my kids seem to enjoy general knowledge style questions.
Here's a preview:

So you can download this template and change the sentences to anything you like - even questions for a quiz :)
Note: If they pressed a card that was already previously answered, they had to come up with a new answer.

I also made one for the little ones (grade 1 and 2)
download it made ready here.

Happy Teaching!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Middle School Memory Game


For a simple and fun middle school lesson you can play the Do You Remember game. It can be used as a warm up or full lesson. You can choose to play it in groups where they can write their answers on a white board, then reveal - a point for every correct, etc. Or you just have them call out the answers as a class. Or, you could even get them to write their answers on paper, and go through the answers at the very end.

I got this idea from my previous lesson based on the unit "What a nice house?" and we played this Do You Remember game with the ESL House Song. So I thought, since it worked so well with the grade 5s , why not make an older student version?

Now, we watched each of the videos twice. So you can do that as well if you feel they need it.

Some of the videos I used where:

Cheese Touch From The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Mean Girls, Meeting the Plastics

Slide Preview:

Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Easy Review Booklets - Lesson: I Have a Crayon

This is just a simple review lesson I did with my grade 3 today. It's nothing too fancy. Just made little booklets and got them to practice their writing and presentation skills. We just finished the lesson "I have a crayon" and I didn't want to rush into the next lesson, so I thought what better, than a project to wrap things up?

So here's what I wrote on the board - with their help, asking them to spell it out and read it for me.

Then after, I had them fold their booklet paper . As you can see on the whiteboard, we did a little review of the use of 'a' and 'an' - I showed them the vowels that you use 'an' for and then asked which word required the use of 'an' before 'a', etc. I told them on each page of their booklet they needed to write an "I have" sentence and they were free to choose what object they wanted for each page of their 4 page booklet.

This is a very cute song to sing with them too, for practicing the I have sentences...

They turned out very cute!

(I've got a small class... so I need to spice up the display. hehe...will do soon).

Happy Teaching!

Monday, 16 November 2015

The ESL House Song Memory PPT

I absolutely love this song from the Busy Beavers YouTube channel. It's perfect for any ESL lesson about the rooms of the house. So today, we played this song and then we did a fun, short and easy memory challenge PPT that they really enjoyed. It also worked well to set the tone for the rest of the lesson which involved watching the 'Look and Say' video and after I asked questions to see if they understood - and they were more awake and eager than usual. I believe the memory game warm up sparked this extra effort.

Anyway, you can download this memory PPT free at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

You should play the song first, give no warning about the memory game. Then play.
The first slide has the A-pink Kpop song snippet within it, "Do you remember?" song lol... to get them excited. The boxes will disappear with questions. Make sure to emphasize that they listen to the question when the teacher reads it aloud, before jumping to answer a different one.

Here's the preview slides:

Hope this is useful in your ESL class.

Happy Teaching!

Inside Out - Color Review Lesson Kindergarten

This was a quick lesson I did with my littlest ones... they drive me mad but this was a better lesson, less noise - thank God.

I found a Memory match game online and in order to get them speaking - practicing numbers and alphabet letters, I projected the memory game online, and then with a whiteboard marker - across the top I wrote the letters for each column and down the side, numbers.

So when they wanted to turn over a card to make a match they had to use the alphabet and numbers to let me know which to turn.

I found it on the site :Inside Out

After that, I asked what color each of the main character was - as they are pretty much color coordinated. Then we had to color the inside out characters.

I found the coloring page online here.

This took a good 20 mins with the little ones. And it was a nice way to review colors. They love the Inside Out movie so they were very excited. We also played and sang the Phonics song in the start.

Happy Teaching.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Correct the Lyrics - The House Song

Tomorrow we are starting the lesson "What a Nice House!" for my Grade 5 classes.
I always love using this song, by Busy Beavers for lessons about the house and rooms of the house:

Now, I did the lyric correction activity last year with the Months of The Year song - which I'll use for the Grade 6 lesson coming up soon - to see that lesson, go here: When is Your Birthday - Lyric Correction

Now, for this house lesson - this song is great to learn the rooms so I simply, wrote out the lyrics in Word and then put some blanks in it. There's a copy of 2 so you can save a bit on printing.

(Just right click the image below and copy and paste it into a word doc, to print for your class. Cut in two , one for each student)

This worked really well when I did it with other songs and other lessons. I think it'll be a great start to the new lesson and learning the rooms and spellings as well.

You should play the song for the students first, then give out the lyrics with blanks and then play 2 more times. Then check together as a class.
Simple, engaging and effective! 

Happy Teaching!

If you are looking for more lesson ideas for teaching rooms of the house in your ESL class - check these out, below:

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

After School Lesson - Spelling Game

This post is for all of us here in Korea who have used a PowerPoint "Bomb Game" before.

It's so crazy simple , you may think I've lost it... but this is a post to remind teachers that simple can be just what we need. Especially for those after school classes that are often made up of very little students or , in my case - some very mixed levels too. 
It is also handy to do with any bomb game you already have on your computer and if you're strapped for time. 

Now, a Bomb Game is for those who may not know is just a PPT template that awards points for every correct answer - and they're wonderful as you can edit them to suit just about any lesson , for revision and more.

So, I wanted to do something simple and fun as we were short for time. So I quickly edited a bomb game I found online (Thank God for and made all the questions into spelling questions. 

Just a simple "How do you spell it?" with a picture that communicated the word and then the students had to spell the word.

I used an awesome PPT template I found on Waygook by amazing computer wizz "Zeegs" (that's his user name on the site). 
This is the link to his Teachers Pay Teachers store! 
He creates awesome PPT templates and uploads them for FREE on the site, so you should definitely visit here for heaps of cool designs.  (You have to be a member of the site to download).

Now, the spelling game was an unexpected hit! I know that it may seem too easy to just do spelling questions but it's actually a really good chance to practice those phonic sounds. 
I used textbook words that they need to know for the exam and more...

As you can see below my board was covered with words. I would have the students spell the word to me and I wrote it out. If they were having difficulty I would give them a hint with underscore lines representing the amount of letters in the word.

They also had a hard time with the I E and Y sounds as they are alike and can be confusing to ESL speakers - so this was an unexpected but useful class to let them know of the similar and different sounds certain letters make.

Also, it's okay if other students want to help out - but as long as they are sounding out the letter/word not just giving the letter. This is a good way to practice phonic sounds. And my students really enjoyed it.

By the end of it , we had a whole wall of words. And don't be shy to choose the longer words from the textbook - after all, they should know them.

If you want to make it harder, have the students spell whole sentences and get out the mini whiteboards to make it even more a game.

I used his "What does the Fox Say?" PowerPoint which you can find on his site. It was easy to edit and I just did all spelling questions like this:

Now, if you can't download this template or have no time to - you can easily do this with any bomb game you already have.

Also, another spelling game you could try is from a previous post of mine, see here.
It's where you use the alphabet letters or cards you already have and spell words as a team.

Okay, that's all folks.

Happy Teaching! 

Updated Quiz Game Show PPT - ESL Comparative Adjectives.

Hi all,

I made this quiz show ppt last year and this is the updated version for 2015 and there's a new question or two in there as well. I am using a new textbook - the Chunjae Book 2 for grade 6.

See original post and lesson plan here: Quiz Show Game

Preview slides:

Download this new quiz absolutely free at my teacherspayteachers store.
Happy Teaching!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Superhero Guessing Game ~ "What's Your Favorite Subject?"

Greetings teachers and happy Friday! (TGIF!!!)

This was the lesson I did today for my grade 5 class, as we were finishing up the lesson "What's Your Favorite Subject?" I wanted to use my superhero template that I made for an after school class recently as the kids really enjoyed it.

Ok, so this game is a guessing game or as my Korean students call it a 'telepathy game".
It's super easy to play, all you have to do is download and play.
This is a 10 to 15 min max activity.

  • separate the students into teams - I did 4
  • write a score board on the board
  • show them slide, write down their guesses each round
  • then reveal the answer
  • teams who guessed correctly earn a point

Tip: Have the students read the "Guess" sentence and then ask if they can translate it into Korean (the entire sentence). Do this during each turn, to practice the key vocab and reading. 

Also, point to the favorite items and ask what they are - don't read it out for them, they should identify and say the English name for them. The only difficult one was the Black Widow slide, as they didn't all know Scorpion, but they knew the others.

Preview Slides :
Note: I embedded Superman theme music into the first and last slide. :)

Side note: Superhero comics are so sexist... was a challenge to find female superhero characters that were fully covered and I had to put a triangle shape on Black Widow to cover her cleavage as one of my classes couldn't handle it was hard just finding famous female superheroes! C'mon guys, gotta get more female ones out there. 

In the next preview pics, you can see that these are showing what it looks like when the answer is revealed. The other 2 pictures will just disappear. 5 points for every correct guess.
Note: Please add an apostrophe to the Mrs. Incredible's favorite... slide. Sorry, was in a rush to upload. 

Hope you can use this in your classes!
Download this for free at my Teachers Pay teachers store.

Have fun, Happy Teaching!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Who Drew This Picture? - Invention Themed Lesson

We finished the lesson yesterday for grade 6,  "Who Drew this Picture?" So to wrap it up I decided to show a few invention themed videos and some fun inventions on a PPT slide. I have used the slide before for a after school club lesson - but it worked really well here. The reason why I did a bit on inventions is because the textbook "We Are The World" section talks about famous inventions in Korean plus throughout the lesson we discuss how King Sejong invented Hanguel, Leonardo Da Vinci invented many things, etc.
Download ppt free, here. 

PPT preview:

There a a few more slides about inventions. I try to ask for their feed back and they were really interested.

After we did the check up, and then we watched an Ellen show video about kid inventions, that they also found interesting.

Here's the video:

Have a great week, happy teaching!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Baia Teacher in the News


Just a post to thank everyone, family, friends and all the wonderful teachers and followers of the blog and Facebook Page for all your kind words, support and efforts.

I was recently interviewed for a Newspaper in New Zealand (my homeland!), The Sunday Star Times, but also the article is online at Feel free to take a gander. 

Happy Teaching and again, thank you all for checking in, following and the lovely support and compliments. You are the reason I keep blogging!

Have a wonderful day.