Monday, 19 October 2015

Travel Booking Form - ESL Worksheet/Project "What do you want to do?"

Today we had time to do a project and some more creative writing. The current topic of study is focused on the phrase "What do you want to do?" (Grade 5, lesson 11) and the answers in the textbook revolve around chores/farm help. Such as "I want to pick up cans", "I want to feed the cows" etc. I thought we could practice the phrase "I want to..." with a new and more creative approach and what better than travel?

This lesson could also be used with any travel / country based lesson like Lesson 1 in the grade 5 textbook "I'm from Canada."

So, I quickly made this simple worksheet in word, here's the sheet as well as my demo version I showed the kids. 

You can simply click this to enlarge and save it as an image (right click) then stick it and print it via word. If you'd like to download this in a word document and edit it - click here, it's free.

This activity is certainly another opportunity to teach a little more about the world. I chose to do Samoa for my demo, as that's where my mother's family are from and they had never heard of Samoa before. A little cross-curricular learning! You could always do your homeland and teach them a bit more about the landmarks there, with the last box.

As you can see the worksheet is very straight forward and a good chance to use some more vocabulary outside the textbook. What I like to do for projects like this, is project it on the board and have the whole class help me fill it in on the board as a demo. Here's what my whiteboard looked like with 2 different classes - they suggested the countries and other vocab, so it shows how creative each class was in different ways, with different ideas. 

(You can also see how my CT translated some of the form in Korean for the lower level kids.)

5-3 wanted to go to Egypt...

We discussed the Nile, pyramids and Sphinx (which I spelt wrong -but corrected later!) as well as mummies.

Here's 5-2 who wanted to go to Germany. We talked about German food - frankfurter sausage and pretzels.

This worked well for brainstorming and getting them to think creatively.  I also told them that they could look at the class map for country names and spellings. 

The display is from our first lesson where we wrote postcards. See the lesson ideas for post cards here. 

The projects turned out great! I was really pleased with the effort and thinking that went into them. Here's a bunch of 2 star worthy projects from my classes.

By the way, my point system for this project was simple - I wrote on the board:

They know me by now, I like to have everything complete and some effort with the coloring and handwriting. I think presentation as well as content is important so my students know that I like fully complete and beautified projects by now! I gave them 1 or 2 stars accordingly, the stars are stickers for our class star board system, you can read more on it here. 

Also, if you are teaching grade 5 from the textbook you can refer them to the very first lesson if they are stuck for country names (good for lower level kids especially). 

Here's some student work!

Overall the kids did great. I hope you can make use of it in your next class! 
Happy Teaching!


  1. Great work! The projects look fantastic. Thanks for sharing!