Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween "Monster Brains" Feel It Box - How to Make

Hey all, the kids absolutely loved this activity and were even scared to put their hand inside the box!
Tip - if you make the top part with the hole like me from paper, have some spare pieces of paper to stick on and make a new hole in for each class as they tend to rip it to make it bigger each time. And have some tape at the ready too.

Here's the how to:

This is a simple Monster Brain's 'feel it' box that I made in about 20 minutes.
You need a box, coloured paper, plastic eyes and pipe cleaners (optional), glue and scissors.

I used a box I got from an I-Herb delivery and cut off the top panels.
(Love I-Herb)

Next, glue on some coloured paper to decorate box:

Stick on an extra piece to cut the 'x' to make a hole for the children's hands.

Only glue it on one side so that you can put in your noodles/pasta! -That's the Monster's Brains.

Next, boil your ramen or pasta and then strain it and put it in a container that can fit in the box.

Before adding the noodles, let them cool and decorate your box!
You can decorate it by printing a picture off from online, or make your own like me:

Put the noodles in, once cooled and then you can add a little oil to help it be more slimy. (Optional)
Then you glue the other side of the coloured paper on top, and there you are, a Monster Brain box!

The aim is for the kids to put their hand in and try to guess what the monster brains are made from.
You can read more ideas on what to put inside other boxes (Monster tongue - banana peel) on my Halloween prep post (click here). 

Happy Halloween!
See my other Halloween posts 1 and 2 (Quiz show) to know more about this activity.


  1. I need some Teen Halloween Party Needs Game or Ideas... Please? Thanks!
    possible solutions

    1. Hey, you could do something similar to my Halloween team games but make it harder. Also watching music video Thriller by Michael Jackson is a good intro for a teen class. And then show the lyrics and maybe have blanks in the lyrics that they try to fill out. you could also make it a memory game and see what parts of the video they remember e.g. What color was Mj's jacket, what animal did he change into? where were they in the start of the video? (cinema) ...etc. Also I did my radio play with my middle school teens and they loved it - it's called Dracula ? it's on my blog too. Search all Halloween posts.

    2. please facebook msg me on my Mrs.Baia's Classroom page for any more help you need!