Thursday, 15 October 2015

Grade 5 Class Newspaper - How was your weekend?

Today for our grade 5 class we were on the project section of the book. I actually wanted to do what was in the textbook since my class is only made up of 4 students. At my big school where I have a class average of 25, I chose to skip this project and do my puzzle game instead.

 Here's the textbook activity:

They instruct that groups of 4 will join to make a newspaper, some drawings and sentences telling all what they did on the weekend. The 'headlines' are 'How was your weekend? What did you do?"

Now, I thought, good effort from the textbook but this newspaper doesn't look very newspaper at all. So, we made a newspaper as well and we just used white paper and I quickly printed out our headlines, school name, Newspaper title, date and Korean flag for our paper.

Here's what the end result looked like:

Now, I got them all involved. They had to write their sentences about the weekend and illustrate then they each had to stick and draw a black frame around their "articles". One of the more arty students even drew the globe in the centre and stuck it on. They also helped to pin it up in the classroom. We read all the "articles" (sentences) after putting it up on display. They were really proud of their team effort and final creation.

We moved it up to a higher spot in the room for everyone to see.

This was a very simple to do project and you could indeed tackle it with a large class, but be prepared with big A3 sheets, etc. I think you could use the Newspaper project for other subjects too. First day back from vacation is always a newspaper opportunity too

Hope this inspires you!
Happy Teaching!


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