Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween "Monster Brains" Feel It Box - How to Make

Hey all, the kids absolutely loved this activity and were even scared to put their hand inside the box!
Tip - if you make the top part with the hole like me from paper, have some spare pieces of paper to stick on and make a new hole in for each class as they tend to rip it to make it bigger each time. And have some tape at the ready too.

Here's the how to:

This is a simple Monster Brain's 'feel it' box that I made in about 20 minutes.
You need a box, coloured paper, plastic eyes and pipe cleaners (optional), glue and scissors.

I used a box I got from an I-Herb delivery and cut off the top panels.
(Love I-Herb)

Next, glue on some coloured paper to decorate box:

Stick on an extra piece to cut the 'x' to make a hole for the children's hands.

Only glue it on one side so that you can put in your noodles/pasta! -That's the Monster's Brains.

Next, boil your ramen or pasta and then strain it and put it in a container that can fit in the box.

Before adding the noodles, let them cool and decorate your box!
You can decorate it by printing a picture off from online, or make your own like me:

Put the noodles in, once cooled and then you can add a little oil to help it be more slimy. (Optional)
Then you glue the other side of the coloured paper on top, and there you are, a Monster Brain box!

The aim is for the kids to put their hand in and try to guess what the monster brains are made from.
You can read more ideas on what to put inside other boxes (Monster tongue - banana peel) on my Halloween prep post (click here). 

Happy Halloween!
See my other Halloween posts 1 and 2 (Quiz show) to know more about this activity.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween Game Show Lesson ~ Free downloads

Hello and happy Halloween!

I decided I needed to make my lesson more compact today, as I am performing 4 Halloween lessons this week, 3 different schools. So I decided, what better way to incorporate my Halloween ideas from my last post than to make it all tie together in an easy Power Point Game show!

You can download my Halloween PPT and materials included, completely FREE, at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Consider it a Halloween gift.

This Halloween lesson will require some preparation on your part, however, if you have no time, you can cut out certain slides.


  • Play PowerPoint
  • After, watch movie/video short
  • Eat snacks during
Here's the Preview of the PPT, slide by slide so you can get it :

I will order the class desks into groups, probably 4 or 5 groups for my large classes and then for small 2 groups. (teams).

 Title slide and first challenge! I am preparing 1 "feel it" box, which is a covered box that will have cooked spaghetti with a little olive oil in a bowl inside it , the kids can't see it. They can all have a feel of it and try to guess what food it is. I am going to decorate the box and tell them it's monster brains! The team to guess the correct food or closest to it will earn a point. Or I'll give them all candy.

Kids loved this, and since it's the first challenge it set a really fun vibe for the rest of the class.
They really enjoyed the team game aspect.

This is the box I made, with steps - see post.

Next slide:

Drawing activity and good revision of "What does she look like?" lesson. I will describe a crazy monster and they will draw it. Good sentences: She has six big, blue, eyes. She has curly orange and purple, short hair...etc. The best drawing that follows what I said best, wins a point. (You can give everyone a point here)

Here's my kids with their monsters (team reps.) - they all followed the instructions so points for everyone!


I will have large skeleton bones cut out and the teams will have to try and make the skeleton, whoever makes one complete first, wins. I printed mine on A3 in word. And then cut it up. I cut the torso, pelvis and scull into 3 separate parts.

Kids had so much fun racing to be first to make it.

Here's the image (included in download) that I used for the skeleton to print and cut out:
Click to enlarge:


I found these spot the difference worksheets online (free) and according to level I will give them out. One has the answers on them, so make sure you white it out before you photocopy one (print on A3 if you can) for each team. The team that finishes spotting all the differences first, wins.

Here's the answers for your record:(this is the one I chose, the download includes 2 more styles)


They love Harry Potter, so I am going to show them this clip and ask if they can remember the spell that Ron says. This doesn't have to get to serious, best team to act it out, wins. You can give them all candy if they all do it well. Have fun.
This went really well, in all 3 of my sixth grade classes only one team could get it correct. I just gave the point to the team that was the closest to the correct pronunciation. 


This is easy and the last challenge. The kids watch the song by Maple Leaf Learning, then you ask which team can write down the correct order that the costumes (or characters) appeared in the song. There's an answer slide too. 

That's about it. After that we will likely watch a short cartoon and eat jelly worms!

Happy Halloween! 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Halloween Class 2015 - Ideas, Tips and Free Resources

So, I thought I would post about my ideas for Halloween class as it's going to be here so soon! I always feel like it creeps up on me, so I want to make it really special, original and fun this year. Last year I did a few fun games and a mask craft plus a short film, perfect for the time. But this year - I've got little to no budget and I wanna do something a little different and more English based.

*Note* One of my schools will have a double period Halloween class as they are combining the grades for that day for 1 big party, so I am planning a few extra activities, there are many in this post as I am preparing as well as planning for grades 3 and up.

So I've written a "radio play" - the drama student in me loves these. When I studied theatre in high school we read these and recorded them. I have since wrote many for my adult classes but thought - why not get these out for the younger ones? Radio plays are fun because you can give the lead characters to the high level students, and it's reading that you record, you don't have to memorize or 'act' them in front of an audience. Also, what makes radio plays different to the normal playbooks is that a radio play should have many, many, MANY sound effects - the more the better! And you can bring in instruments or random objects to help the students make sounds.
- Also, this makes it an English lesson that can still be fun as well as a chance to learn.

Here it is, simple, fun and filled with sound effects. You can demo this first by reading it all yourself but telling the students to make the noises - I have done this before and the kids loved it and got really into being noisy! haha. Be really out there and creative with your storytelling. It's ok to be silly!


It was rainy, stormy and cold. Dracula was sleeping in his coffin. It was time to get up…

... it was ten O’clock at night on Halloween! 


Dracula woke up and opened his coffin slowly. Dracula was hungry.  “I am very hungry”

Dracula walked slowly into the kitchen. (Tap, tap, tap). He opened the fridge.

There was no more blood! “Oh no! I want more blood!”

Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door! (KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!)

Dracula flew quickly to his door. (WHOOSH!)  

  “Who is at my house?!”


Dracula opened the door, and the monster came inside.

“Hello, Monster. Happy Halloween! How are you?”


I am hungry. Do you have blood?


Dracula had an idea. “Let’s go to Witch’s house!” 


Dracula transformed into a big, black bat. (TRANSFORM SOUNDS) He was strong. 

He carried the monster with his bat feet and they flew in the stormy sky to Witch’s house.


When they got to Witch’s house they knocked on the door. (KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK)

“Hello?” Said Witch, as she opened the door suddenly. (WHOOSH)

Good evening, Witch! Happy Halloween! Do you have any blood to eat?

Yes. I am making a blood pudding right now. Come inside! 


Draucla and the monster went inside Witch’s house. They sat down on her black sofa and Witch mixed blood, frogs, sheep brains and spider legs inside a big pot. (MIXING SOUNDS) She sang a cooking song:

”Mixing blood and mixing brains! Cold, dark night and heavy rain! Mix in frogs and mix it good!
I’ll visit all the children of the neighborhood!”

After Witch finished cooking, she gave Dracula and the monster a bowl of her blood pudding. (SPLAT!)

After a radio play, and I plan to record it using my phone and playing it back to them.
We will play some games. I want to try having mystery boxes this year! (Or "feel boxes")

Mystery Boxes - The plan:

I am going to make and decorate some really fun Halloween themed boxes, probably 3 or 4 max. I saw some really neat ideas on pintrest for decor tips. (Idea! You could also use old tissue boxes, as they already have that hand hole with the plastic on top) 

Here's my favorite so far:

Almost Super Mom .Com

You can also save time and make this kind - which is still cool and fun for the kids:

Black paper cut in the center, you can use black felt also.

 This is also a box design where you can take the paper/fabric off and reveal what's inside - which I think I'll be doing, a combination of a cool outside design and then a reveal on the back.

Anyway, so what exactly is the "plan", the activity?
From my own experiences and from what I read online, it's just a fun activity where every child gets to stick their hand in and then guess what strange body part of a monster or just regular human it is.
In the above photo the maker of the box has excellently made the mystery box reveal super creepy by adding creative descriptions to body parts like "Witches Teeth and Severed hand" and "Dead-mans Eyeballs." I'm going to do something similar.

But wait, I'm fresh out of witch teeth and dead-man eyeballs...

So, what food or substance can make these things?
Well, I found many online suggestions and most of these I can find easily in Korea. I love this one especially, I got from Pintrest, User Amanda Geiger. (photo below)

 Take a look: 

  • Cooked spaghetti pasta can be "Grave Yard Worms" (I'm adding spooky names).
  • Grapes - "Dead Man's Eyeballs" - You could also use cherry tomatoes, I thought. 
  • Pickles with pistachio shells  - "Witch fingers" , pickles aren't the easiest to find, or cheap, so I thought of hot dog sausages and maybe a bit of a stale corn chip for the fingernail?
  • Raisins and Honey are supposed to be "Boogers" - I might skip that one... 
  • Corn Husk - "Witch Hair" ... but I think not, for my classes... hard to get corn husk...maybe I'll use string/yarn
  • Banana Skin in olive oil - "Monster's Tongue" - love that one, will definitely do that. 
The activity will consist of the kids either sitting in a circle and we pass round the box for them to feel. Or if that's too hard with a big class, I will have the boxes on a table and they will line up to each put their hands in. Note: Have wet tissues around, for clean up!

After everyone has had a feel, I'll have a PPT slide up with images and titles of each 'body part' that is in the box, and they have to guess which box is which? Or, no PPT slide and I just lift the fabric off my mystery box and reveal which body part is in each. I also will show them what's actually inside and see if any of them could guess.

This is also a nice chance to practice some English. I'll have phrases like "It feels slimy /sticky / yucky / wet / disgusting..." on the board (some with Korean translations) and get them to practice these sentences.

Here's a link to a Halloween game that involves the feel boxes and has a cool poem/story within it. I have such low level students and big classes that I'd rather make this a feel and 1 sentence activity than a story session - but it's still a really cool idea, if you're interested, view it here on American Folklore .Net

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt
(Super easy! Low budget)
This is a super easy but also fun way to play a Halloween game and especially good for the younger ones who can't do the radio play (grade 3-4). I will print out large skeletons on different colored card (may even laminate them). Maybe 3 or 4 colors (depends on class size), orange, green, purple. Then, I'll cut the bones up and hide them around the classroom. When the students arrive I'll tell them there's a skeleton hiding and separate them into 3 teams - one for each color. Then the first team to make the skeleton on the desk/floor wins a prize. (Candy each). 

 ^^ Here's a super large skeleton pic to copy and paste in a word doc - A3? resize accordingly: (Click to enlarge) 

I also read that you can do a Halloween spelling scavenger hunt. You write out or print out a banner of what you want them to spell e.g. "Happy Halloween" or "Halloween Party" and then you print and cut out those letters and hide them around the room. Then like the skeleton activity, have the letters on different color card for different teams and see which team can spell the phrase the fastest. 

Musical Tombstones
Another cheap and good game for the younger ones especially. ( Grade 3 +)

Have you ever played musical chairs but instead of chairs, you used Newspaper? I play it often and kids love it. You get any large newspaper and spread about 5 or 6 on the floor, make sure for the first round it is completely unfolded. Next, play music and the students have to dance around the newspaper, not touching and then when music stops they have to jump onto the newspaper. Whoever doesn't make it on, is out. Now, instead of removing a chair like in musical chairs - you fold the newspaper sheet to make it half size, and then after each round you should keep folding it in half. You will end up with A5 sized newspaper sheets and students giggling as they stand on one foot! The remaining 4-5 students should all be the winner and get candy.  Now how is it tombstones? Well, I thought I'd just shape the newspapers into a curved tombstone shape as Newspapers are grey like them anyway, and I'd add "R.I.P" too. Hehe. If no time to shape into tombstones, playing Halloween Music brings in the theme. 

Also, for the young ones, here's some cute Halloween videos to watch:

This is a bit longer, 22 mins (skip a few minutes of the intro though) and it's simple English but for the younger ones for sure.

I am thinking, for my longer class and older kids (Grade 5-6) that I'll show a bit of The Nightmare before Christmas, or at least the intro song, "This is Halloween" - I think I could get the subtitles as well (in Korean) - I found a Korean version of the song too! See video below:

English Version:

Also, if you can watch a movie, some suggestions (and easy to get subtitled movies):

  • Harry Potter! (first one is probably the best to show)
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Casper
  • ET (Bringing it back!)
  • Witches (based on Roald Dahl book)
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Monster House
  • Hocus Pocus 
  • Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit  *I like that one! Plus not too much talking, lots of action - so English barrier isn't so big, less subtitles and not scary. (It's 85 mins, so at least 2 lessons.)


Another activity - debating this one, but it is always a favorite. 
Halloween Pass the Parcel.

This activity works especially well if you don't have a large budget, because instead of candy for everyone you could give it to a few students instead... although, Halloween is all about candy, so I am probably going to be spending a bit of money on candy this year (three schools). 

So, like the pass the parcel game we all know, this will be the same but with a Halloween theme and I like to put candy in between each layer so more excitement and prizes but we also need to make it more English related...

(If you don't know pass the parcel: It's when you wrap a gift with many layers and play music. Then when the music stops the person with the parcel can unwrap a layer, the final layer has the prize.)

Halloween Class Decor

There are plenty of Halloween decorations now selling at your local Daiso, Artbox or on Gmarket. However, if you aren't into spending money, you can easily print out designs from online (free) cut and paste or cut and colour, and stick them/hang them around the room. These are some cool ideas, I've found, free on other blogs:

Martha Stewart has some cool ideas for paper hanging decorations. 

This is a cool pumpkin banner you can print and hang on string. Click to enlarge it. 
For more instructions go to Lucky Penny Paperie

Also, for many other free downloadable printable banners for Halloween visit


Jelly Worms & Other EASY Snack Ideas 

Okay, this isn't an activity but I am thinking to make it this year as I have lots of jelly from my NZ trip. And All you need is jelly (Jello, for Americans) and straws.

Here's the full recipe and instructions.

I ended up making "monster eyes" as the jelly wasn't stiff enough.
I just melted white chocolate and painted with food colouring. Great thing about monster eyes, they don't need to look perfect, lol.

I like this easy snack idea too. Especially as we live in the land of Pepero  so all we need is Pepero sticks and white chocolate and a bit of food colouring to dye some of the white chocolate black
(or dark blue).

There's also a green fingers one. You can dye white chocolate green (blue + yellow food colouring) and the nail is an almond slice. You can buy almond slices from HomePlus in a big bag.

See full recipe details and more, at the Deep In The Heart of Tejas blog

Or, another easy snack are "Oreo Spiders" this is super easy and you can get the kids to make their own. You need Oreo cookies, Pepero sticks and melted white chocolate for the eyes. That's about it.
See more on Fabulessly

Or you can use M&Ms for eyes! Seen on It's Always Autumn (Will probably need some melted chocolate to act as glue)

I've also seen it done with black or other coloured licorice (long strand kind). I think you can find the licorice strands here in Korea...? A la It's a Princess Thing's blog: 

I hope this helps! Happy Teaching! And furthermore, Happy Halloween!!