Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Restaurant Web Review Worksheet ! ESL Lesson "What Do You Think?"

Hello all! I am very excited to share my newest worksheet. I made this one for a Grade 6 lesson called "What Do You Think?" The lesson is all about opinions and also includes learning some opposites. Vocabulary includes : boring, cheap, difficult, funny and phrases "What do you think?" /
 "I think it's easy." / "I don't think so."

Download the Restaurant Web Review Worksheet here!

Or - Download the worksheet bundle which includes:

  •  the original Word file for you to edit as you like. 
  • original PDF of worksheet
  • PDF without illustrations  - if you'd like them to draw more (their own website logo, etc.) 

So here's the worksheet!

The students have the opportunity to write some key sentences as seen in the textbook while also reviewing a real life restaurant that they have been too. They are welcome to review a traditional Korean restaurant, a take-out place like McDonalds or Lotteria or any other they want - even the school canteen.

I brainstormed quite a few ideas for this one. I always like to do a fun project that's outside the textbook. And so I finally came up with the idea to have the students fill in a website review form, like the ones you can find online. Inspired by such websites as TripAdvisor, etc.

Download the Restaurant Web Review Worksheet here!

YoungJu Reviewed Coffee Bay, Buyeo. 

Lesson idea! If you have the time and allowances , I would strongly suggest doing a taste the food lesson. Have a few foods you can let each student in class taste, and then they write sentences such as "I think it's sweet." or "I think it's sour." etc. This way, the next lesson is for filling in this worksheet - and the restaurant they can review could be called "( Insert Your Teacher Name) restaurant" or "The English Class Restaurant." (E.g. "Baia's Restaurant")

Now, you don't need a huge budget. And it's more fun if you bring in some odd foods. When I was in primary school my teacher got us into groups and placed one petri dish for each group filled with a different liquid or powder. If I remember correctly, she used vinegar, soy sauce, icing sugar, hot sauce and one other... and we simply popped our fingers in and had a taste. Only a small taste, obviously. It was made more exciting as we didn't know what each was.

If you are scared of germs from fingers, you can get each student a little spoon and then wash them for each class.  And instead of a petri dish you can of course use any sort of shallow container or even a cup. Just don't be worried that a taste lesson = lots of money spent. Reducing it to some very different flavored liquids you already have around the house should be easy and cheap. I am thinking to use salad dressings also.

Cooking Lesson Ideas

If you want to try out a cooking lesson where they can review their own restaurant , here's some links to my past cooking themed lessons where we made real food and ate it!

The worksheet has many parts but it's not too overwhelming. First, there is a box saying "Welcome, _______." Which is where they write their name.

Here's a close up - it's next to the "Log Out" box, just like we can find on a real website.

Next, the main writing part. I've filled it in as a demo for you:

As you can see the sentences pretty much match the textbook but they have the option to be more creative. As you can see, the opposite of delicious is not salty but this example shows another sentence that could also be acceptable for an "opposite review". You can be more relaxed or strict with this. They should also color the stars to rate the restaurant.

After that, they can illustrate and colour!

I've just taken some photos from online for this demo above, but the students should draw and colour their own photos. (Seinfeld fan anyone?)

That's it, that's all. The rest of the worksheet is to colour as they please! 

I will be doing this activity with my 6th grade soon, once back from our Chuseok Holiday.

Hope you all have a good one!

Happy Teaching!

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  1. You always have great ideas! When I did my lesson on tastes, I used popcorn. It's so easy to make and cheap (if you use the stovetop kind); about $3 a bag on iherb. I had 6 flavors: plain, sweet (made with sugar), salty, spicy (seasoned with a kimchi ramen flavor packet), cheese, and sour/bitter (made with Tang powder). It's easy to customize flavors with whatever spices you have on hand. I make about 1/2 cup of unpopped corn for each flavor. In class I divide the students into groups of 4 (I usually have 5-6 groups= 20-24 students) and give them a small cup to share. They get to eat 3-4 kernels of each flavor which they just LOVE! Their favorite is almost always the kimchi ramen! Haha.

    1. Hi Janelle! That's an awesome idea. You still have the surprise taste factor as well as an actual tasty food. And cheap! I will definitely try this out one day. Thanks for the great suggestion.

  2. omg. this is cool. I like the food review idea.
    If you are into making things with kids...Have you made ice cream in a bag or s'mores in the microwave?

    1. Thanks !
      I haven't but we did do Sandwiches, kebabs and Popsicles as well as a camp about around the world foods - but at the time didn't have the worksheet. Next time :)