Monday, 14 September 2015

My Many Arms Worksheet - How Often Do You Wash Your Hands?

This is a fun worksheet I created where the students can do a little craft as well as practice the key phrases and vocab. You simply print the worksheet out and let them cut, paste and make their multi-armed person. There's also the option to make the person a girl or boy! (I included male and female wigs).

Download the worksheet here! 

I made it to match the lesson "How often do you wash your hands." As you can see, the worksheet covers many activities such as brush your teeth, clean your room, eat breakfast/lunch, do your homework, watch TV, exercise...etc.

So, it's simple really. Explain to the students that they can choose from any 4 arms (or more, if they're up for the gluing challenge) and then after sticking in their books they can write the sentences. Lastly, choose a few students to present their multi-armed person. Also, there's options for them to draw their own arms with different activities.

Here's a few pictures of to show for an example (also included in the download).

Download the worksheet here! 

So after they've finished sticking and gluing in their books - or on coloured paper to display around the classroom, get them to write the key sentences...

Update 16/9/2015

I did this today for grade 6 and it was a hit! Needed 20 solid minutes for them to finish. Didn't have time to colour but cut, paste and writing was completed by everyone. Very impressed and satisfied with lesson outcome. They enjoyed it too!

Great student work:

Below: He got creative with the hair! haha! I love it. 

Happy Teaching!
Download the worksheet here! 


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