Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Middle School Lesson ~ Fashion!

For my most recent lesson I talked all about fashion. My students were really interested in my reading material as it featured K-Pop stars. So here's the lesson details...

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1. Warm up: I wrote this dialogue on the board:

The first blank is for someone's name and the next is for clothing items.

So the activity - I made cards and spread them out on the desk. Each card had a clothing item description. Next, the students had to roam around the desks while I played music. Then, when I stopped the music they had to find a card and friend. They would decide who would talk and practice the dialogue in pairs, using the cards to help them fill in the clothing blanks.

This worked pretty well and it was a nice way to introduce the topic.

These are the clothing cards I used, cut and stuck onto harder card.

Activity two: Brainstorming fashion, fabric and clothing.

Here's what my board looked like... notice how we go through, striped, plain, floral..etc.
And of course reviewed some of the clothing items we all know.

Next, I got out the trusty Random Name Picker online site. Had their names typed in prior then when I spun the wheel then when it landed on a name, they had to describe what they were wearing.
If you have students in uniform encourage them to make new sentences, different from others. And then only do a handful anyway as the entire class might be bored after a bit.

After that, we read! I am going to prepare a reading piece for every class as it's a great way to get them reading, speaking, discussing questions and adds routine. I ask a few to read a paragraph each then after we read it altogether as a class. Then we discuss as I'll ask some comprehension check questions.

This reading piece is about New York Fashion Week and it's about the K-Pop stars who were actually there. I read about it online.

The students said my Korean translations below were fine,  but no promises! If they are wrong, sorry!

Next, I printed out some more K-Pop celebs and gave it to pairs or threes in the class. I gave them a couple minutes to look and prepare sentences about what they were wearing. Then around the room we went, stopping at each pair/group to present. At least 1 sentence was required per person.

These are my cards:
The kids enjoyed seeing Korean stars they already knew.

And that's it. Hope you can make use of this lesson in your classes.

Happy Teaching!
Download the bundle here for resources, free!

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