Friday, 18 September 2015

Let's Talk Hobbies - Middle School After School Class ESL

For my second Middle School English Club lesson I have chosen to do a lesson based on hobbies.
I've done this lesson once before but I've added a few changes.

To download full lesson bundle (materials, etc) click here. 

First, I start off with a brainstorm to get them speaking and furthermore, see what hobbies they already know.

Some useful Korean to English sentences are:

  • "Chimi ga mawyeyo?" - What is your hobby?
  • Shigan nameul tdae maw haeyo? - What do you do in your free time?

After the brainstorm I will give out this hobbies worksheet - a simple multiple choice quiz. They should know most, if not, it's good to introduce them to some new.

I got it from - great site.

After the "test" I have them swap papers and we check as a class. The only hobbies my students didn't know were 'car boot sale' , 'DIY jobs' and 'bird watching' but these were pretty easy to explain.

Next, a match the dialogue game. I will give them each a dialogue that has been printed and cut up into strips. They should make this into the correct order. After they finish, have the class read it aloud together to check.

Tip: You could also leave some blanks in your dialogues so that they can have the added challenge of finishing these sentences.

Next, using the same dialogue play the dialogue speak and find game. Get the students in groups or as one big class group and put the dialogue strips face down in a pile, mixed up in the centre of the table. Next, have a player pick a dialogue strip and read it aloud. Everyone should do this.

After everyone has read and kept one dialogue strip then get the first player to pick another strip and read it aloud. If it is the same strip they picked before they must put it back in the pile. If it is a new strip they can read it and keep it. The first player to collect all strips of the dialogue and order it correctly wins.

This game allows lots of reading and ordering.

Next, some reading - Mo's Bowties
I wrote a short article about Mo and his bowtie business with some translations of the Korean words below. We will read this as a class and then ask comprehension check quesitons.
I got the information from the following article and a Youtube Video.

Summary I wrote:

Note: If my Korean is wrong tell me... I just use Google Translate ! Usually the kids will correct me, it's not a big deal for me. I do not speak Korean or claim to be an expert.

Some comprehension check questions:

  • What is the story about?
  • What is the boy's name?
  • What is his hobby?
  • What does he make?
  • Do you like bowties?
  • Who taught him how to sew?
  • What does Mo want to do in the future? When he goes to college?
Show the video if you have time.

Hobby Pictionary!
In a bag prepare some hobbies on cards and have the students pick one in secret, not sharing with the rest of the class. Then, tell them to draw the hobby on the board without talking. Get the other students to try and guess the hobby. 

OR try to spice it up by playing reverse pictionary.

You'll need some mini-whiteboards and makers. Give every student a mini whiteboard. Tell one student to leave the class. Next, tell the students in the class the name of the hobby, tell them they must draw it on their whiteboards without speaking.
Let the student come back into the class and then let the class reveal their pictures to the student. See if the student can guess the hobby from all the class drawings. 

I like this version as it lets more students participate - even the lower level kids. 

Hope this helps for you!

Happy Teaching!


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