Thursday, 10 September 2015

Job Advert Projects - Grade 4, Lesson 9: I'm A Pilot

To spice up our last lesson on the topic "I'm a Pilot" I decided to reuse a camp favorite - job adverts for ESL.

It's a simple worksheet that is grade 4 friendly as you can draw more than write. However, I would use this for higher grades and have them write sentences - good to get out the English to Korean dictionaries for this activity and encourage them to think outside the textbook.

I made a simple power point to explain how to fill in the worksheets and then we were off! They turned out cute!

Sample slides:

 As you can see, I've kept it simple and to the textbook/grade 4 level. But you can adjust to higher levels or even lower levels by having even less written parts and just draw.

You can download the job advert worksheet here for free.
And download the Powerpoint for the job advert here free also.

Student work:

Geom advertises a writer job:

Minho advertises for a cook's job:

Below are some job adverts by 5th and 6th grade from Camp that my students completed, to see more of the camp lesson click here. We read the book "Willy The Dreamer" by Anthony Browne to match. (higher grade suitable).

Did you enjoy this post? For more ideas for teaching jobs go to my "Job Application For Kids" post!


  1. I love your ideas. They always stand out on waygook. They're so creative and inspire me to be more creative with my written activities. Thanks