Thursday, 10 September 2015

Grade 1 and 2 - Pizza Bingo and Touch the Food Game

I had success today with my grade 1 and 2 after school class with these two games. It's hit and miss with this lot - sometimes I love them and sometimes I want to cry in frustration as they don't listen well and have very, very short attention spans. ><

So these two activities worked really well...

Pizza Bingo - Warm up

We've been listening to those songs by Super Simple Songs - Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? and Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt? They're wonderfully catchy and use great and simple phrases to talk about food. 

I handed out yellow circles that I had cut from yellow paper. Next, on the board I drew some pizza ingredients - some they knew, some they didn't. The first, I drew a tomato and asked "What's this?" most of them knew tomato. I did this as well with ham, olives, pepper, cheese, chili and onion. My grade 1 and 2 knew tomato, cheese, ham and chili. 

After drawing and labeling these on the board - although the labeling wasn't really needed as they can't quite read yet, but I did it anyway- I then told them that they could draw 4 of these foods on their pizza but ONLY 4.  (You could print out these images on card if you don't want to draw and stick them one by one on the board while going through the vocab). 

I was able to communicate the ONLY 4 part by drawing my own demo on my own little pizza. 

Next, traditional bingo. I said to the students "Do you like ________?" (the blank, a topping - tomato, olive, pepper, chili, mushroom, onion, cheese, ham...) and if they had it drawn on their pizza they would say "Yes, I do!" (Just like in the songs mentioned earlier). If they didn't get bingo, they would say "No, I don't."
So, obviously, the child who can get all 4 checked off their pizza (4 bingo) wins. I gave a sticker to the winners. (I let about 2-4 kids win, by replaying after the first win).

We played twice - flip the pizza's over.

Next, Touch and Speak Food Game

This worked surprisingly well! I got them to all sit down on the floor in a circle. Then with food magnets I have in class - you can use flash cards as well. I put them in the circle. Before starting we went over the food names and I made sure they knew most. Only a few new foods which were 'bread', 'milk' and 'hot dog'.

Then, I told them one by one, they got to ask me "Do you like__________?" they choose the food on the floor. If I say "Yes, I do." then everyone tries to reach and touch it. Those who fail to touch or are last to touch - are out. If I say "No, I don't" everyone should put their hands on their head. This becomes tricky and fun as they leap to touch the food and when I say "No, I don't" there was almost always one kid who touched it anyway in excitement - that kid is out. We played this about 3 times as they really enjoyed it and kids who got out the first time, last longer the next. 

Plus, every child had the chance to say "Do you like _________?" as I made sure we went round and round the circle. By then end, a lot of speaking had taken place and the understanding of yes, I do and no, I don't was reinforced. 

Hope you can use this in your grade 1 and 2 classes... or older!

Happy Teaching!


  1. I love that you're honest and share your failures as well as success!
    I've just started upon this journey also. I'm teaching in Siberia; my students being from 3 to adults at advanced level.
    On my first day (last Wednesday) I taught six different classes! Keeping up is going to be tough work, but I'm thankful for the fact we also use printed course books.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Brett! Yes, I have to admit - the little ones are not my favorite and are my biggest challenge of every week. But finding what works makes my day! Thanks for reading and I hear you with that loaded schedule ! I've got a couple days like that and it's a day I need coffee on tap! haha! :) Happy Teaching and good luck!

  2. Great activities! I'll try them myself