Monday, 3 August 2015

Where is the Green Sheep? Sheep Projects ~ Camp Edit

For my first camp day I spiced it up by having a ninja theme so that we could make ninja turtle puppets at the end as our craft for the day. However, for one of my smaller schools which had limited time, I decided to make sheep projects instead which required only creativity - no paint! (saves time and some budget). To see the original ninja day and craft click here.

So, why sheep projects?
Because the book we read by Mem Fox called 'Where is the Green Sheep?' is all about these different sheep that exist in a fantasy sheep world. ( hehe ) There's a moon sheep, swing sheep, clown sheep, etc. I decided, after we read the book and did a few activities, that our craft would be making our own themed sheep - encouraging the students to be creative and come up with their own unique 'sheep'.
I also gave them a pair of plastic eyes to make it more fun :)

Here's what they got busy with:

Builder Sheep:

Clown sheep, sponge sheep and strawberry sheep:

Ghost sheep, trojan sheep and ...a er... jellyfish sheep?

Dance Sheep:

 Zombie Sheep:

Working away on their sheep...

Happy Teaching!


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