Tuesday, 25 August 2015

ESL Movie Time - Pixar's "Partly Cloudy"

Hi all,

If you haven't already seen Pixar's super sweet short film 'Partly Cloudy' I urge you to watch it now!

It's so cute and beautiful, isn't it? I loved it. And best of all, so did my students!
So I thought, why not make a simple after-school-English-club-suitable lesson for it? At one of my schools where I teach after school I will show this short film and then run through this PowerPoint I made:

The PowerPoint links to the Youtube Video - although you can easily search "Partly Cloudy" on Youtube to find many versions. After, in the PPT I made slides that ask a few simple questions about the short film.

Sample slides:

Watch the movie, about question...

Simple questions - they should write it down. You could do it in teams/pairs - have time limits, etc.
Good chance to whip out the mini-whiteboards also.

 Checking time - encourage them to call out answers first,,,then check. I added some animations too.
 Obviously there are more emotion slides - this is just a preview ^^

Animals, checking, there might be more but only 4 was necessary so I think I list enough. Feel free to add more that you saw!

Weather - Great for if you're on the current topic too. There's also rainy, it's in the PPT.
That's it, that's all.
A simple lesson to practice some English and writing as well. Spelling too!

Hope you can use this for your classes. Download here, for free.

Happy Teaching!


  1. Such a lovely idea. I'm sure my kids will love this fun idea :) Gracias dear!

  2. Thanks for sharring your ideas! :)