Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Back to life...back to reality - Summer Vacation Summary ESL Lesson

It's that slightly depressing time of the year again ... we're back from our summer vacations and we have to...*sobs*... teach again. My hubby and I vacationed in Vietnam this year, and loved it... so much so that I didn't really want to come back to Korea... lol.

But anyway, back to it *plasters a smile on her face*.

For a quick first day back lesson I decided to do a simple presentation of my vacation with photos of moi and short sentences to caption on each slide. I also made a quick video using my phone app called Pixgram. ( can't upload here as it's got copyright music but you can easily make one and download it off your google photos/cloud and then show to your class).

Here's me on a bike tour in Hanoi though... hehe

Update: Here's what my whiteboard looked like for a fourth grade class, hence the many translations ( my Korean is not perfect, but they understood better) :

Anyhoo, my worksheet looks like this:

Download link

As you can see they can practice some simple English sentences and the final photo box is where they should make their own sentence. This was designed for grade 5 and 6 who have both learnt past tense words in their textbooks and are capable of making these easy sentences. They should draw a little illustration in the Polaroid template to match each sentence. Easy! Simple! Fast.


You can download it from my TPT page or feel free to make your own using Microsoft Word, it's easy to make the boxes using the shape tool. :)

For a marking scheme I suggest awarding one point for every correct sentence and two points for a creative sentence for the final blank photo as well as 2 points for overall presentation skills.

I'll write out something like this on the board:

Point System!

  • 4 correct sentences - good spelling, grammar = 4 points
  • 1 amazing sentence for last photo box = 2 points
  • beautiful! - handwriting and picture = 2 point
8/8 points = 1 star !

I'll award those with full points with a star on the star chart in our class room. 

Happy Teaching! And best of luck with the new semester! :)



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