Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Action Reading ESL Game

Hi all! For  my latest grade 6 class we were onto the 3rd part of lesson 8 (I'm going to watch a soccer game) and instead of the usual speak and read activity in the textbook (yawn) I decided to do my version of the famous "Clap Game" using PowerPoint.

Update, 2016:
I have made more than one Action Reading Game for different lessons, here's my Action reading for Grade 5 "Where's the Museum?"  -Download it for free!

This took about 10-15 minutes for my classes.

If you know  the Clap Game, my PPT is very similar, but I just changed the actions so that they could do it sitting down instead of standing - (then less complains later about being too tired) and I gave it a bit of a revamp with more fun, modern movements (thinking K-Pop)...

Anyway, it works like this.

I first have a few slides that show the symbols for each action they must do:

(When you download, it'll come with the gifs.)

And last, but not least!

Then I have the sentences from the Textbook- we read the first slide as a class, then the next slide has the actions. 

We read again but we must do the actions while reading this time. It's fun and gets them pumped up a bit.

And of course I do some action combos to make it a little nutty!

You can do these sitting or standing, up to you and the energy level of the class, really.

Lots of shake shake!

So! I hope you can use this for your class! It's very easy to edit the reading text, so you can adjust it for any lesson. Happy Teaching!!!
Download here, free. 

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