Monday, 31 August 2015

ESL Puzzle Game ~ And Lesson Plan!

Hello all,

My recent lesson for Grade 5 'How was your vacation?" (lesson 8) was such a hit today, so I thought I'd share it with you. Also, I have been getting quite a few requests for lesson plans so I decided to include a lesson plan later in this post. (Note: I don't actually have to turn in lesson plans often, so excuse me if it's not formal enough, but this would be accepted at my school...)

First off, the worksheet: Download here.
I made this worksheet using word doc, then I added my own illustrations. To download without any illustrations for free - download here. For original, with illustrations download here.  

When you print it, it will be one A4 size paper with 2 worksheet parts. The top part is a 4 box section where the students should write 4 sentences about their weekend.

This is where we can practice the past tense sentences of the textbook. I wrote these on the white board to remind the students, then rubbed them off so they wrote their own. (Although, left on the board for lower level classes). I gave them 5 minutes to do this.

My board:

The lower part of the worksheet is much easier. Ask the students, after finishing their sentences to draw their face in the picture frame and then write their name.

Once this is finished ask your students to fold on the line of the paper - folding the worksheet in half so it is now double sided. Next, ask them to glue the pages together on the inside with a glue stick then ask them to cut on the dotted line  - yes, their pretty drawn faces will be cut up as well, that makes it more fun!

Side one:

 Side Two: (when flipped)

Now the game part ! Get the students to mix their puzzles together in the centre of their group table/desks. Then have them stand up and move to the next group - then on your mark, give them 30 seconds to make the puzzles on the table - the first group to match them all correctly wins.

It's important that they're making up puzzles from another group so that it's a bit more difficult and it creates a better competitive edge as well as preventing cheats.

I rewarded the group members all with a star on our star chart.  You can see, the reason why the puzzles have the 'face drawing side' is so that it's a bit easier to match the puzzle pieces for the game.

worksheet: Download here.

At the end, to review. After awarding the first finished group - I ask them to sit down (at the table they rotated too.) And ask a volunteer from each group to read a set of sentences from one of the puzzles they made up. It's great that the groups rotated to another group's desk and puzzles because then they can try reading their classmate's work and I'll also ask "Whose puzzle was that?" and they'll read the name on the other side and the class got a kick each time when reading their peer's work.

If you have time, get them to colour and tape their puzzles. :)

worksheet: Download here.

At the end of this lesson we re-sang the Fun Time song, details on the Fun Time song warm up can be found in the lesson plan below. Happy Teaching!

 Lesson 8: How Was Your Vacation?
 Fun Time/Project
 Puzzle Game and Fun Time Song
 Learn the Song and Answer Questions, Practice Writing and Reading with key phrases using the Puzzle Game
 Mrs. Baia 
 Grade 5 
Teaching • Learning Activities
& Review
1.      Hello, how are you today?
2.      What day is it today?
3.      What is today’s date?
& Guiding for this lesson
 Today we're going to sing the Fun Time Song and play a Puzzle Game. So please listen carefully and open your books to page 140. 
Note: Prepare/move the desks into groups of 4-6 before class.
for objectives
Activity 1-
Read the Fun Time Song out loud as a class. Next, play the song one time on the PC. After, ask comprehension check questions: "What did Bonny do on the weekend?" "Who went to Cheongbuk-dong?", "Did David learn Hungeul?", " Who rode a boat?"

Activity 2-
Complete the writing activity at the bottom of the Fun Time page. Call 3 students to write the answers on the board (project page onto screen, they fill in the blanks using the whiteboard markers). Review answers as a class, instruct "Hands up if you got it all correct." "Well done."

Activity 3 -
"Game Time"
  1. Ask students to listen to the instructions carefully. Show puzzle worksheet. Read first instruction "Write 4 sentences about your weekend..." stop and ask: "What does it mean?" , lower level : "What does 'write' mean in Korean?" , "What is 'sentence' in Korean?" etc... until the class all understand. Next, read the bottom half instructions "Draw your face in the picture frame." : "What does draw mean?" "What does 'face' mean?" - check that all understand what to do.
  2. Next, tell students they will have 5 minutes to complete the 4 sentences and drawing. Remind them to all write their name on the paper also.
  3. After completing the worksheet ask that students fold it in half (line on paper to guide). Tell them to next, glue the worksheet so that it is now half the size of an A4. The worksheet has become double sided.
  4. Next, cut on the dashed lines to make the puzzle. "Yes, your face will be cut too!" There should be 4 puzzle pieces for each student, made from their worksheet.
  5. Now move puzzle pieces to the center of the group table. "Mix them all together!" Then, have the students stand up and push in their chairs.
  6. Next, rotate each group so that they all move to another group's table.
Activity 4 – Puzzle Solving
Aim of game: The first group to finish all the puzzles on the table wins. The class has 30 seconds to complete this  activity – the teacher should watch carefully and reward the winning group. 




Wrap Up
& check up
Have the students sit down at their new group table (after rotation) and call on one volunteer from each group to read a puzzle. (4 sentences). “Can anybody read the puzzle they made?” *Student reads puzzle sentences* “ Whose puzzle was it?”


“Well done. You were all excellent! Let’s clean up, push in our chairs and line up.”
Goodbye, see you next time!”

 I made the worksheet using word doc, then I added my own illustrations. To download without any illustrations for free - download here. For original, with illustrations download here.  

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Action Reading ESL Game

Hi all! For  my latest grade 6 class we were onto the 3rd part of lesson 8 (I'm going to watch a soccer game) and instead of the usual speak and read activity in the textbook (yawn) I decided to do my version of the famous "Clap Game" using PowerPoint.

Update, 2016:
I have made more than one Action Reading Game for different lessons, here's my Action reading for Grade 5 "Where's the Museum?"  -Download it for free!

This took about 10-15 minutes for my classes.

If you know  the Clap Game, my PPT is very similar, but I just changed the actions so that they could do it sitting down instead of standing - (then less complains later about being too tired) and I gave it a bit of a revamp with more fun, modern movements (thinking K-Pop)...

Anyway, it works like this.

I first have a few slides that show the symbols for each action they must do:

(When you download, it'll come with the gifs.)

And last, but not least!

Then I have the sentences from the Textbook- we read the first slide as a class, then the next slide has the actions. 

We read again but we must do the actions while reading this time. It's fun and gets them pumped up a bit.

And of course I do some action combos to make it a little nutty!

You can do these sitting or standing, up to you and the energy level of the class, really.

Lots of shake shake!

So! I hope you can use this for your class! It's very easy to edit the reading text, so you can adjust it for any lesson. Happy Teaching!!!
Download here, free. 

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

ESL Movie Time - Pixar's "Partly Cloudy"

Hi all,

If you haven't already seen Pixar's super sweet short film 'Partly Cloudy' I urge you to watch it now!

It's so cute and beautiful, isn't it? I loved it. And best of all, so did my students!
So I thought, why not make a simple after-school-English-club-suitable lesson for it? At one of my schools where I teach after school I will show this short film and then run through this PowerPoint I made:

The PowerPoint links to the Youtube Video - although you can easily search "Partly Cloudy" on Youtube to find many versions. After, in the PPT I made slides that ask a few simple questions about the short film.

Sample slides:

Watch the movie, about question...

Simple questions - they should write it down. You could do it in teams/pairs - have time limits, etc.
Good chance to whip out the mini-whiteboards also.

 Checking time - encourage them to call out answers first,,,then check. I added some animations too.
 Obviously there are more emotion slides - this is just a preview ^^

Animals, checking, there might be more but only 4 was necessary so I think I list enough. Feel free to add more that you saw!

Weather - Great for if you're on the current topic too. There's also rainy, it's in the PPT.
That's it, that's all.
A simple lesson to practice some English and writing as well. Spelling too!

Hope you can use this for your classes. Download here, for free.

Happy Teaching!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Word Quiz ~ Lesson 8 : How was your weekend?

This is a PowerPoint I created as a little fun test/quiz to review the new vocabulary and phrases of the lesson "How was your weekend?" for grade 5.

I like doing these activities as they are usually quiet and calm! Yay... and it is genuinely a good way to revise.

I usually do them in part 2 or 3 of the lesson as part 1 is when we first go over the new vocab in their English notebooks , so this quiz is good to confirm what they learnt previously.

So, simple PowerPoint that you could use again for other lessons, just change the questions.
I was able to get the Korean translations from the textbook.

Download link

Here's my early slides for practice and to explain the rules of the quiz...

As you can see there are code questions and translate questions. You get them to try make the sentence to practice and you'll find that they'll quickly catch on how to write the sentence using the pictures.

Download link

Next slides:

As you can see, I go over the rules carefully and this is good practice for in class tests for the end of the year as they tend to talk in tests and cheat - and I don't approve so I like to go over these rules each time I do an activity like this. The kids are very good at this, they get into the test zone but it's more fun as the code questions make it more interesting and I do a funny countdown at each also.

It's also nice and quiet ! I award them with a star if they get them all correct and this means perfect answers - all spelling must be correct as well as they're allowed to check in their books. You could take out that slide and make them do this from memory but because this is supposed to be more of a review that's not too serious I allow them to look in their books.

Sample question slides:

As you can see, the translations are straight forward.

Some more Crack the codes:

I hope this helps in your class. You can download the PowerPoint here, for free.

Answer Key:
1. buy
2. bought
3. festival
4. I went to a food festival.
5. market
6. river
7. I swam in the river.
8. wear
9. weekend
10. write
11. I read many books.
12. I ate pizza.
13. I went camping with my family.

Happy Teaching!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

How Often Do You Exercise? - Tab Booklet

I did it, I finally made a tab booklet... how very sciency of me...

Now, I've seen these before but none to ESL level or topic. Basically it's just a little fun workbook to revise the How often do you exercise? lesson.

I'd advise that you do one page per lesson as a little closing activity OR you could keep it for a large project at the end of the lesson to review as well. It's also a good chance to miss a few of the boring activities in the textbook and just do one of the tab booklet pages instead.

You can download my Tab Booklet here.

The booklets , I tried to make them, as creative as possible while also practicing the key expressions and vocabulary.

This is the title page (note, I added the coloured boarders) It's black and white for the kids to colour.

Next, the first tab page.
You can download my Tab Booklet here.
It's the first activity of the tab booklet. The students try to crack the code as well as write their own sentence using the code.

Here's the next page - here they complete the sentences with words as well as drawings.
I've done the first one - a picture of eggs.
You can download my Tab Booklet here.

This is the third activity, a simple crossword to practice the brush your teeth/ hair phrases.
You can download my Tab Booklet here.

And lastly, a simple pictograph to complete, about themselves. Or you could ask them to survey a friend.
You can download my Tab Booklet here.

You will need to print and cut these booklets out, then staple at the end. You could give them one tab page per class and the title page last to colour and staple all together - so that they get a sense of creating a project and a bit of a cool routine to break up the ordinary lesson . Or get them to cut and make the booklets for one lesson to review.

I think these could be quite fun for the students, a nice way to spice up the lesson as it's getting more and more mundane as the year goes on - kids want something new. So here's a shot at something interesting, I hope!

I'll be posting pictures of student work and let you know how it goes as soon as we get onto this lesson.

You can download my Tab Booklet here.

Happy teaching!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Back to life...back to reality - Summer Vacation Summary ESL Lesson

It's that slightly depressing time of the year again ... we're back from our summer vacations and we have to...*sobs*... teach again. My hubby and I vacationed in Vietnam this year, and loved it... so much so that I didn't really want to come back to Korea... lol.

But anyway, back to it *plasters a smile on her face*.

For a quick first day back lesson I decided to do a simple presentation of my vacation with photos of moi and short sentences to caption on each slide. I also made a quick video using my phone app called Pixgram. ( can't upload here as it's got copyright music but you can easily make one and download it off your google photos/cloud and then show to your class).

Here's me on a bike tour in Hanoi though... hehe

Update: Here's what my whiteboard looked like for a fourth grade class, hence the many translations ( my Korean is not perfect, but they understood better) :

Anyhoo, my worksheet looks like this:

Download link

As you can see they can practice some simple English sentences and the final photo box is where they should make their own sentence. This was designed for grade 5 and 6 who have both learnt past tense words in their textbooks and are capable of making these easy sentences. They should draw a little illustration in the Polaroid template to match each sentence. Easy! Simple! Fast.


You can download it from my TPT page or feel free to make your own using Microsoft Word, it's easy to make the boxes using the shape tool. :)

For a marking scheme I suggest awarding one point for every correct sentence and two points for a creative sentence for the final blank photo as well as 2 points for overall presentation skills.

I'll write out something like this on the board:

Point System!

  • 4 correct sentences - good spelling, grammar = 4 points
  • 1 amazing sentence for last photo box = 2 points
  • beautiful! - handwriting and picture = 2 point
8/8 points = 1 star !

I'll award those with full points with a star on the star chart in our class room. 

Happy Teaching! And best of luck with the new semester! :)


Friday, 7 August 2015

Coupons at Camp

My 3 weeks of camp are finally over and although I enjoyed it, I am thrilled that my vacation officially starts this Friday afternoon.

I had a blast and really enjoyed my final week as I surprised the students with an English Market shopping day. I got the idea from the school before as they had a coupon system and then a little shop set up for the final day as well. I enjoyed it so much I decided to repeat it at my smallest school and it was a great way to get rid of some of the bits and pieces I had at home - art stuff and notebooks from teachers who have left Korea.

Tip: If you are worried you gave out too many coupons and don't have enough items - make your prices more expensive. Easy fix.

Here's the English Market I set up... just a table lol

The students (3-4 grade) were very excited. 

I only started giving out coupons yesterday and today, and at the end of the day we had the market. They had on average about 15 -20 coupons each.

Here's Yong Hun counting his coupons. (you can also see his hungry caterpillar project in this picture, we made those on Wednesday). 

I think this is an easy and fun way to spice up a camp week. And it was very sweet to get some lovely thank you letters later on in the day from happy students - though I suspect a teacher was involved as they all sound the same lol, no matter! I appreciate the love!

Hope your camp went well and happy summer holidays! I'm off to Vietnam with the hubby for some much needed R&R.

Happy Teaching!