Thursday, 23 July 2015

Home Posters ~ Can I come in? Permissions Lesson ESL

Today is my last day of teaching for this term as the summer vacation is about to start, and camp on its way.

So, as a nice easy wrap up to my grade 4 lesson called "Can I come in?" which is a basic lesson on asking for permission and includes phrases such as "Can I play outside?" , "Can I go home?", " Can I sit here?" etc.

We were onto our last part of the lesson in the textbook which was the Story time and check up (small test) and after that I like to a project to review and also to keep things light and fun.

I decided to use the clip online of Home where 'Oh' the main character, is trapped inside a convenience store fridge by Tip (girl character) and he says "Can I come into the out now?" - he's an alien so he speaks that way, but I made sure to correct sentence "Can I come out now?" when talking about it with the students.


First we watched the Movie Clip, then I asked some questions, asking what does he want to do? and then we replayed and discussed once more. They were able to communicate - he wants to come outside.

Next, I gave them blank pieces of A4 that was cut in half and said we'd make our own 'Home' posters/comics.

As a class we debated what sentences 'Oh' could say, different from 'Can I come out?'

Here's some we agreed on:

From left to right: "Can I come outside?" , "Can I go home?" , "Can I play outside?"

And finally, here are the comics my students made:

Hope this inspires you to do a simple project now and again with your young ones.

By the way, this is a fun video that uses the "can I" sentence's about pumpkins auditioning for a talent show...quite funny.

Happy Teaching!


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