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Day 4 Camp Plan ~ Finding Jack, Ann James

For Day 4 of my reading camp. However, this could be stretched over 2 days (8-6 periods) as we finish at 12 a day. This particular lesson is quite loaded. I made it more for Grade 5& 6. however you could leave things out and still do it for Grade 3 & 4. We are reading "Finding Jack" by Ann James. It's a cute little book that covers vocabulary such as kitchen, eat, laundry, wash , bathroom, drink, lounge, stretch, pond, fish, garden, sleep, look, purr and the phrases "Where is ____" " Jack's not here."

UPDATE: We did this camp today (July 24th) and it turned out great! The houses took about 20 mins and we managed to do almost all these activities in 3 hours. (with breaks). We read the book twice.

I've decided to do a house and homes themed day to match the book. We will look at different houses, rooms of houses and what we do in those rooms.

Hope this lesson plan helps. You can download all the materials (except Twinkl) from this link to my Teachers Pay Teachers store - FREE! 

Activity 1: Sing a Song. Always a nice warm up.

I really like "The House Song" it's so catchy. And the "not chicken" part always gets a giggle.

This video is also good for the end of the day to review:

Activity 2: Read the Book
Ask questions during the reading, "Where is Victor?" - "He's in the kitchen."
The grade 4s should already know some of the rooms of the house.

Activity 3: Re-reading 'Finding Jack' with a crossword puzzle. After reading and discussing the book I'd like to review it further by having the students fill out a crossword puzzle I made that follows the book. I made it online for free at The Teachers Corner. net. I love the site, you can make crosswords, word searches and more for free and tailor it to your topic and vocabulary. We will re-read the book and go through the crossword as a class.

Here's what I made:
Activity 4: Review Verbs and Verb Musical Chairs
This is my verb spin on musical chairs. I first go through the verbs of the book - Finding Jack, which are : sleeping, drinking, purring, washing, fishing, stretching and eating. 

I made a small PPT to show these to the class. Next, after they understand the verbs, we decide on what action to do for each. (Cue acting skills). After miming our verbs as a class we then get our chairs organized for a game of musical chairs. Now, I will play musical chairs in the traditional sense except when music is playing, I will call out different verbs for them to act out instead of dancing and circling chairs - they must act out the verbs. It makes for a fun game as well as English verb revision and comprehension. You can do this with any verbs for any topic!
Tip: write out the verbs on the board so you can point to them also, instead of call - means they need to pay attention more.

Activity 5:  New Vocabulary PowerPoint.
I got this power point from Twinkl. But then altered it to add more vocabulary from the "Finding Jack" book. it covers not only rooms of the house but also types of houses (just a few).  You could always leave out the types of houses for the younger ones.

I added the laundry room and pond also, as this matches the book vocabulary.
Here's a sample of the other houses slides:

There's also this cool one that's free, but doesn't match the PPT vocab. It's from ebookbrowsee

This I got from Twinkl also, but it would be quite easy to make your own. The twist is that this isn't like ordinary bingo where you just call out the name of the room - in this version the teacher or student reader should read a 'clue/hint' about the room. Such as "You can watch TV there." Which would match to the "Living Room" . This is also included in the PPT when I first introduce the vocabulary. 

Activity 8: Happy Bunny 'House theme' Game by 'Envies' (Waygook member)
This is a wonderful template I found on Waygook recently. It's not a bombgame, it's more like connect 4. I actually added my own slides and hyperlinks to make it match the book and vocabulary. Thanks again to the original poster! It's lovely! 

When you make a row of happy bunnies you win! Or you could just award a point for each happy bunny. (Click on the carrots to lead to question page, then click on the big bunny with a thumbs up to go back to carrot/bunny board.)

Activity 9: Drawing a house game- with Blindfolds!
I played this style of game with my grade 5 a few months back and they loved it. It's a game where you can either revise 'on, in, under...etc' or you can ignore it especially for the wee ones and just play without. 

For this particular lesson I am going to give them a paper with the skeleton of a house already on it, so they can practice the rooms of the house vocabulary more than drawing a house.

Next, we'll follow the PPT, and read together and they will draw, Then after all the rooms have something within them they will be blindfolded and given a new house template and try to re-draw what they can remember in the house. It's quite fun, after they can take off their blindfolds to compare their original drawings.Plus it practices the vocabulary of the house well.

Here are some preview slides:

Activity 10: Hot Seat / Forehead Game
This is that classic game that we can now play on our phones thanks to Ellen DeGeneres. (Heads up?)
So as a nice end of the day game I thought we could play by having cards that have the vocabulary from the book on them - both verbs as well as room names. This way, they can offer clues to the person holding the card on their head by acting a verb out or for room names , they offer hints such as "You can watch TV there." or "There's a TV in there." etc. For more explanation on this game, if you haven't played already - click here. It's an oldie but a goodie.

Activity 11: Craft - Rooms of the House
Now I think I have chosen to do this craft ... but I will also list a few other craft options as I am indecisive and maybe you are also! So why not bombard you with more choices too. ( hehe)

Great idea for rooms of the house, all you need is a piece of paper and colouring tools. 
You fold an A4 into a house shape and then label the rooms and decorate... it's all planned out on betodilello which is a cool blog with teaching ideas and crafts. 

I really love how simple this is, and I think the kids will like it as it's got lots of freedom to create and design their own house of their own taste.

This is how they turned out! (Update, July 24th)

However, there are also these options...

3D cut out houses, that match the 'houses and homes' Powerpoint as they have house shapes of a caravan, bungalow, cottage, lighthouse and more. Found on Twinkl.  This is good if I have no time, but want to do something crafty because you just print out the template on paper and they cut , fold and stick it together. Also the option to colour. Although they look okay black and white too.

Or Pyramid Craft that shows the rooms of the house also. I found it on Enchanted Learning . com
They also have other paper folding house crafts such as making a paper house, that comes with a free template and looks like this:

So, I'll leave that up to you!

Update - I just found this really cool 'Spot the difference' house themed download from Teachers Note Book.com. It's FREE. I might use it on a PPT and play as a warm up! Here's the link! 

Happy teaching!


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