Thursday, 23 July 2015

Color Lesson for Grade 1 and 2

At one of my schools I teach 1 after school class a week for the grade 1 and 2s. I admit, it's not my favorite 40 minutes of the day and it can be at times very hit and miss. (I'm definitely made for older students...hence, my goal to teach secondary one day in NZ). However, today was one of my most successful lessons, so I thought I'd share.

Previously, we had learnt a little bit about colors. We watched this song and then again today we re-watched. It's quite a good song, very engaging for the little ones and has a simple and catchy tune. The kids sing along to it easily.

Next, I gave them each their own "Eye Spy" worksheet that I got from Twinkl. It's perfect as it has a bunch of pictures in black and white all on one page. 

However, if you are not a member of Twinkl, you can get free 'eye spy' pages online quite easily. Such as this one: 

There's also a bunch of free Alphabet themed Eye spy sheets from Activity Village
Here's the Letter C one:

Anyhoo, after that I had all the crayons and "sign pens" (felt tips) out on the desks for them to share. Then I would call out a color. They would have to find the color and show me. Next, I would call out a picture that is on the Eye Spy worksheet and they had to color it in, with the color I originally called.

For example:


STUDENTS show me their pink crayon/felt

TEACHER: Ok. Color the hamburger pink! Pink hamburger.

The students really enjoyed this and they liked the act of searching their worksheet to find the object called. Most of the pictures I chose to call out from the sheet they knew but if they didn't know I would soon draw it up on the white board for their reference. They would also repeat the word and color after me. 

The lesson flew by as we were having fun and the kids were very engaged. At some point I had the students give me a color for the class to choose as well. 

Happy Teaching! Hope this can work for you!


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